I have questions…

This blog is first and foremost intended to be for me. So that I get down in writing some of the questions and ideas that I have about the theory that the Earth that we live on is a spinning sphere. This blog is also for people who actually enjoy having their precious beliefs demolished in favor of the truth! I know that I sure do love that feeling — maybe not right away, but definitely at some point — when some lie that I had swallowed whole is shown to be a complete fraud. If you are not one of these people, and all you want to do is defend something that you learned by heresy and have not actually looked into for yourself, then this blog is probably not for you.

There are too many anomalies and contradictions in the ball-earth theory that we have been taught. There are ton of proofs — evidence that we can see with our own senses — that point towards our Earth being a flat plane. That’s correct… a flat plane (which by the way doesn’t mean that there aren’t topographical features like hills, valleys, mountains, etc.).

If you are new to this idea, I know the thoughts that just went through you, and I understand why you are thinking them. I was the same (and still am to some degree… such is the massive amount of conditioning we all have). But I’ll tell you that a lot of this will begin to make sense if you continue to research this subject.

In order to even entertain the Flat Earth perspective/theory, it is almost mandatory that a person is already skeptical about everything that they have been taught, and about pretty much everything they have seen on the mainstream news.

To begin, you have to first understand that everything that NASA and Hollywood feeds the public is propaganda. You have to begin to see that almost everything that NASA does and shows us is fake.

Here’s a pretty good place to start: Google “photo of satellite”… and go to the Images section. You will not find any good photos of a so-called satellite. Most of what you will see are artist’s renderings… computer generated images (CGI). And supposedly, there are over 20,000 so-called satellites orbiting around the so-called globe Earth. Or so NASA says.

Satellites orbiting in “outer space” do not exist. If there are “satellites” they are orbiting within the Earth’s atmosphere… with the Earth’s “firmament.”

Anyway, that’s all I have time for now. As I write these blogs, you can comment if you wish, but I am not going to get into heated arguments. I just don’t have the time or energy for it, nor do I want to. All I’m going to try to do is present questions, contradictions and evidence that is hopefully self-evident.


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