Horizon always rises to eye level

No matter how high you go in the sky — whether it is in an airplane or in a high-altitude hot-air balloon — the horizon (where the ground meets the sky) will always rise to your eye-level. This is a proof that the earth is flat plane. How far does the plane extend? No one knows.

If the Earth was a sphere, then the higher you go in altitude, the more you would have to look down in order to see the horizon. But as it is in reality, when we go higher we do not have to look down — the horizon always stays in the same position relative to us.


2 thoughts on “Horizon always rises to eye level

  1. On a recent flight to Barcelona, my first flight in an aircraft since looking into this subject, i noted the horizon out of my window rising to eye level. When we eventually reached cruising altitude, about 25,000 ft, the horizon was still at eye level. I looked across and out of a window on the opppsite side of the plane and noted the horizon on that side also at eye level. At this altitude the distance from horizon to horizon must be in the hundreds of miles. I could not see any curvature.

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