Objects in the distance disappearing from our perspective

This video below nicely conveys the idea that objects in the distance — especially upon water — do not disappear from our view because of the supposed curvature of the earth. They disappear from view simply because of the laws of perspective.

The camera in this video below zooms in on a boat that is not visible with the naked eye. Now, I don’t know how far this particular boat is away from the observer, but this video shows the general idea. You can even see structures far behind the boat beginning at about 47 seconds into the video.


5 thoughts on “Objects in the distance disappearing from our perspective

  1. its funny, you believe in law of perspective, but not law of universal gravitation????


    • Yes. There is no “law of universal gravitation.” It doesn’t exist. We have all been brainwashed. Gravity is a theory, and nothing more. No experiment nor observation in human history has shown a large mass attracting a smaller mass (and vice versa!) by virtue of the mass alone. Get it? Gravity is strong enough to hold in the oceans — which I think you would agree is fairly massive — and yet bugs and birds can lift themselves off the Earth and I can lift my leg, etc. etc.


      • Howcome every other object from asteroid to moon to planet to gas giant is sphere shaped when we look at it. Gravity is strong enough to hold the oceans because the oceans way millions of tons and don’t have muscles or wings to lift themselves. Bugs have very small mass as well as wings, same with birds, and you have muscles that pull up your leg.

        And yes we have seen a large mass attracting a smaller mass by virtue of the mass alone. The ISS (which frequently shows hour-long livestreams which are impossible to fake well enough to fool everyhone on earth) experience the effects of gravity and a large mass attracting a smaller mass all the time.

        The way they stay afloat is that the ISS is flying at a speed around the earth faster than the earth can pull it down, so as a result the sentrifugal force keeps it going. Same science that makes your clothes hang to the walls of your dryer when it spins despite gravity going down. They are traveling laterally at the same speed that the earth is pulling them down, and the earth is curving away from them.

        How do I know the livestreams are impossible to fake well enough?

        1. The livestreams are one continuous take. A dip flight that gives you weightlessness for about 45 seconds isn’t long enough for an hour, if you’re planning to go high enough to do it for a full hour, you need the tech to fly more than 8 times away from earth than the ISS currently sits.

        2. This particular livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtU_mdL2vBM

        To fake the details of this livestream (which has been running 24/7 for over a year now) for long enough to run the 8000 hour long livestream with this much detail, you need a computer with more power than anything currently on earth, and a render time of somewhere around 80 years. Let’s also keep in mind that the stream doesn’t repeat itself after the ISS makes a full pass of earth. Since the earth also rotates, we’re looking at 696 729 600 individual frames just up until 16 days ago, or 1 day after you typed this comment.

        “Even with all of that computing might, it still takes 29 hours to render a single frame of Monsters University”

        That was only a few years ago, so the tech isn’t that much more advanced. So that’s 29 hours for 696 729 600 frames. Perhaps more considering there is far more to render than Monsters University.

        TL;DR: For your theory to be correct. We would need a computer running for 2.5 million years, rendering 8000 hours of footage from this livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtU_mdL2vBM


      • Your arguments fail right at the outset because you have been fooled into believing that what is theory, assumption, and outright fakery is real… and then you begin a debate based on that imaginary world. Regarding the sphere shape: The Moon is a circle, a disk shape, as far as anybody knows — all we’ve ever seen is one face of it; and asteroids are all sphere-shaped? — even the fake Hollywood and NASA depictions of asteroids are not spheres; and even if the heavenly bodies are sphere shaped doesn’t prove that we live on a sphere. Gravity: The ocean doesn’t have muscles, therefore there is no contradiction that bugs can fly in the air? I’ll let that argument speak for itself. Next, there is no way to fake an hour long stream onboard the supposed ISS? First, you’re assuming that the ISS exists floating in supposed space and that the Earth is rotating on an imaginary axis, which I don’t believe it is. You’re argument saying that there are no computers powerful enough to fake a continuous live stream using green screen technology is completely false. Green screen technology can INSTANTLY create a false background and a fantasy environment. Have you ever seen a weatherman on the news pointing at the trade winds on the map? Did you ever see that depicted in the movie Groundhog Day? There is no map actually behind the weatherman. That is blue screen/green screen CGI that instantly creates the illusion of physical map, with no long hours of rendering whatsoever needed. And this is what they do to create the illusion of being onboard the ISS in supposed space, along with cables and harnesses to hold them up (and some underwater tank footage thrown in for good measure, I’m sure). And then short 30 second shots are sometimes captured using the parabola airplane method. And your assertion that they can’t fake anything because it is a 24/7 stream? No. First, have you watched continuously for a week straight so that you can say that for sure? Secondly, anytime the stream cuts to another shot is an opportunity for editing and fakery.


      • Here is NASA actually caught on video using green screen CGI for ISS fakery: https://flatearthperspectives.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/nasa-uses-cgi-effects-to-produce-fake-images/

        You can see the green screen con game going on in the background as they wheel around that tool, George Bush, Sr.


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