Official NASA so-called “photos” of Earth

Over these many years, NASA has fed us what they tell us are genuine photos of the Earth. These photos show an Earth that is shaped like a sphere. (They now officially call it an “oblate spheroid,” which is some kind of pear-shape… but that’s another story.)

Check out these photos below. These two so-called photos of the Earth, officially from NASA, from 2002 and 2012. How in the world can there be such a difference in the size of North America? They would probably try to sell you some kind of explanation like “light refraction” or some such nonsense. See, they don’t think anyone will notice these things. And usually they are right about that.

The obvious answer is that there can’t be such a difference. The simplest answer is that these are not real photos. Also just look at these so-called photos with different eyes. Can you at least consider the possibility that these are nothing but artist’s renderings/paintings, and not real, actual, honest-to-goodness photographs?

2002 Photo… Official NASA Source


2012…Official NASA Source


Side by side…



2 thoughts on “Official NASA so-called “photos” of Earth

  1. take a picture with a wide angle lens from close up, and a standard lens from far away. the same effect will happen. Images in the middle will stretch and compress the sides, whilst the other will give a more even spread.

    It’s the lens + the distance to earth that causes this effect. Do you really believe that the US government has less ability to keep logical consistency than Big Bang Theory?


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