NASA uses CGI effects to produce fake images

NASA uses “green screen” or “blue screen” computer effect technology to produce the illusion that their so-called astronauts are actually in space, weightlessly floating around.

These two videos below show a recent visit of former president George Bush to a supposed NASA “control center.” In one of these filmed shots as Bush is being wheeled around the studio, in the background is an astronaut, or maybe better called an actor, on a large monitor. This astronaut/actor is front of a blue-checkered screen, and his is looking at/playing with what looks to be a green ball. Was the filming of this blue checkered screen an accident? Or was it on purpose, as if to say “See, we can do whatever we want, right in front of your face, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I think it was probably accidental, but on purpose is a possibility.

Anyway, what happens is that they later add a background where you see the blue checkered screen — just like in the movies — and the green ball becomes a computer-generated bubble that is floating in space. Bubbles kind of float on Earth too, so I don’t know why that is supposed to be so amazing…

This investigative video directly below shows this “accidentally filmed” blue-screen video that appears on the monitor. Take a look…

Now that you have seen this, consider the possibility that NASA fakes much more, if not everything, in order to fool the public. The International Space Station is a complete fraud. There is no “space station.” Is there some kind of structure orbiting, like an airplane, through our own Earth’s atmosphere? Maybe. But what seems more likely to me is that they film everything in a studio.

It is beyond the willingness of most decent human beings to consider that people, especially people in government, would lie to the world to such a disgusting extent. I don’t blame you. But this is the reality.


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