Official logos of “respected” organizations are flat earth maps

As I mentioned in a previous post, the official logo/emblem of the United Nations depicts a flat earth map.

I found a few other “highly respected, scientifically minded” organizations that also have the image of a flat earth map in their logo or emblem.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (Click here to go to their website)


The International Maritime Organization (Website here)


And the World Meteorological Organization (Website here)


The World Health Organization (Website here)


And here again is the official United Nations logo…


And here again is Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World, made in 1892…


Why are all of these organizations using a flat earth map as their logo?


13 thoughts on “Official logos of “respected” organizations are flat earth maps

  1. alwaysinvestigating

    It certainly makes one pause and think. Why would they use a flat earth in their logos? For those who do a mere modicum of research, logos are designed with a specific purpose in mind. The symbols we see for various organizations and corporations are not accidentally generated. There is a great deal of care put into them. So often the truth is right in front of our faces, but our eyes “see it not”.


  2. […] dass sämtliche UN-Organisationen ausgerechnet eine Weltkarte der flachen Erde im Logo tragen, wird immer wieder als Indiz ins Treffen geführt; offiziell heißt es zwar, dass […]


  3. do they use the flat earth only because it enables one to see all the countries rather than a globe so no one’s feeling get twitched if their side isn’t showing?


    • I don’t believe so, because there is also the Mercator projection map that is a flattened-out globe map. They are putting the flat earth map right in front of our faces, as if to mock. These organization logos are pretty much identical to Gleason’s Map of the World from the late 1800’s, which depicts Antarctica as an ice wall around the entire circumference of the earth, as opposed to an ice continent on the bottom of a ball. The fact that the United Nations and other organizations use a flat earth map as its logo is not the only piece of evidence for a flat earth — it just one more piece piled onto hundreds of proofs for a flat earth. So taken alone, it might seem like a flimsy thing to point out, but taken with all the other evidence, it fits like a glove.

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  4. Dont forget the WHO -world health org. Notice how each governing/ruling org covers air, water, earth, health & people. Food & Agriculture falls under the UN .. interesting stuff

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  5. Very good post thank you more than very much.


  6. Megan Elizabeth

    It’s shocking to me, and I’m sure everyone else who is able to see through the cracks just how cruelly obvious most truths are. Forever question, it’s detective work.. you have to find out who’s lying, and it’s never ending.

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    • alwaysinvestigating

      Oh, they simply LOVE to put it right in our faces! The same way they terrorized the public with COVID, and told everyone to “shelter in place”, while they attended huge “wing-dings”! It is all about CONTROL. Wrote a book on it, years ago.


  7. […] All taken, Gratefully/Lovingly, from the Flat-Earth, Video, by the Great, one Ewaranon: “The Lost History of Flat Earth.” And the logos, taken from here: Flat Earth Perspectives. […]

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