The Moon is Not Orbiting Around the Earth in “Outer Space”

There’s a hidden contradiction in the theory that says that the Moon is orbiting around the Earth, and the Earth is orbiting around the Sun. I hope I can explain this…

Imagine the Earth orbiting around the Sun. Now imagine that — at the same time — the Moon is orbiting around the Earth. Can you picture that in your mind?

Well, as the Earth moves at this supposed 67,000 mph on its path around the Sun, then the Moon must continually adjust its own speed of orbit around the Earth in order to maintain the orbit.

For instance, if you imagine the Earth speeding forward, and also imagine the Moon at the point in its orbit where it is “behind” the Earth, then the Moon would actually have to speed up its orbit in order to catch up again with the Earth as it moves forward in its path around the Sun.

And then after the Moon catches back up with the Earth, it would then need to slow its orbit back down to its “normal” rate of orbit.

But we know that the Moon has never changed its rate of orbit. It has never changed speeds as it moves across the sky.

Also, if so-called gravity is what keeps these “celestial” bodies in their respective orbits, then how is it possible that gravity can speed up an orbit and then slow it back down?


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