How can there be so-called “craters” on the Moon?

It is admitted and known even by globe-earth theory that the same side of the Moon has always faced the Earth, and that we have never seen the “dark side of the Moon” from our perspective here on Earth.

First of all, how can that be possible? The official explanation is that everything is rotating, spinning and orbiting in such exact synchronicity that we never see the dark side. By the way, NASA recently released what is supposed to be a video of the dark side of the Moon from some kind of supposed satellite that is supposedly traveling through space. But if you really look at this video, it looks like faked computer imagery, which is exactly what it is. Click here to see it from the “official” source.

I don’t mean to get lost in tangents, but this supposed video of the supposed “dark side of the moon” completely contradicts the “official” explanation that the Moon orbits around the Earth once every 27 days, 7hours, 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds. It seems to me that this fake video shows the Moon orbiting around the Earth very quickly, so that it would take much much less time than 27 days to complete one orbit. But I guess they forget to take that particular lie into account when they created this fake video. I understand, though, it’s hard to keep all the lies straight.

Anyway, back to the present question: If the same side is always facing us, then how is it possible that the features that we see on the Moon are so-called craters formed by “meteor” or “asteroid” strikes, which is what we have been told by the powers that be?

How could a meteor (or whatever they say it is) hit the side of the Moon that is always facing the Earth? Wouldn’t that meteor have to pass through the Earth in order to hit the side of the Moon that is facing the Earth?

I can imagine one possible answer that NASA would conjure up: “Those craters are there because our Moon was hit by meteors before the Moon came into the Earth’s orbit.” I’ll bet that’s what they would say.

I don’t believe that the features we see on the Moon are craters caused by meteor strikes. I don’t know what the Moon is exactly (there is a theory circulating around that I believe may be the case, which I might write about later), but the features we see from our perspective seem to be some kind of cumulative effect of the electro-magnetic energy that lights the Moon up as its own light source.

Full Moon


3 thoughts on “How can there be so-called “craters” on the Moon?

  1. Its an animation , says …
    “This animation FEATURES actual satellite images of the far side of the moon.” I wonder where the actual footage featuring the animation is. Lol

    That’s all they got, animations!


  2. Which moon? Lol

    Craters formed by rock thrown from earth during the cataclismic flood, that broke up the deep, left scars behind like our Grand Canyon.

    In forethought of us, God used the flood for good, and by it quickly buried animals we see as fossils of all sizes from dinos to snails and starfish. Stocking us with fossil fuel enough for our time here.

    As the destructive flood broke up large land mass(es), it sent continenents violently crashing into each another, creating folding mountains also, fyi, and sent fragments of rock flying in every direction reaching heights beyond 50 plus miles we see recorded by physical observation of super volcanoes erupting, as known to occur from eruptions of Stratovolcanoes.

    And also, likely moon craters were added over the course of 6000 years by Stratovolcanoes, and other disasters of that magnitude.

    So I’d say earth probably put a dent in it!

    Pun intended. Lol

    Oh by the way, I came up with this theory on my own, by thinking, is there anything that could shoot upward into the heights of said 64 miles of our atmosphere.

    Imagine if they let the smart kids think.


    • Ok, I understand what you are saying. But it does not work. If we continue to see only one side of the moon now I assume it has been this way throughout the ages. Unless the moon along the way just stopped rotating. Even if it did it is still a bad theory. If, as you say, rocks were blown skyward and impacted the moon making craters then the only perfectly round craters we should see are those that are 90* to the earth. The moon, supposedly is a sphere, so as the rocks hit the surface other than the 90* zone those craters should appear elongated as the rocks hit at an angle with the craters more towards the edge having the longest elongation. So, good theory, but it does not work.


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