Why has there never been a North-South circumnavigation of the “globe”?

There has never, ever — in the history of mankind — been a North-South circumnavigation of the so-called globe Earth. Either by sailing ship or by airplane. All so-called circumnavigations (a term which assumes a sphere) has been East-West. Wouldn’t you think that there would be some intrepid, modern-day explorer and adventurer who would want to have his or her name go down in history as the first person ever to do a North-South circumnavigation of the “planet” Earth?

There reason that there has never been such a North-South journey is because it is impossible. The Earth is not a globe. The Earth is not a sphere. And there is no “South Pole” that lies at the bottom of a “ball Earth.” What we have called East-West circumnavigations of the Earth — by early explorers like Magellan, etc. — were simply large circular trips around the North pole, which lies at the center of the Flat Earth.

This pictures below shows how it is possible to make an East-West voyage around the Earth, and yet make the mistake — or perhaps make the deliberate “mistake” — of thinking that you have traveled around a globe. If you started at any point and started traveling South, you would eventually hit Antarctica, which in the Flat Earth model is the ice wall that surrounds the entire circumference of the Earth.

East West Circumnavigation


35 thoughts on “Why has there never been a North-South circumnavigation of the “globe”?

  1. On what what did you base this? Have you heard of google? Type in “transpolar circumnavigation” and you’ll see your assertion is not quite accurate…


    • I think it is an accurate “assertion.” And no, hadn’t heard of Google until I just now read your message. Is it part of the inter-lines? I just searched “transpolar circumnavigation” as you just so politely suggested, and Google shows 5,250 results, which is automatically suspicious. You can Google just about anything else and get more results than that. For instance, I just Googled “bullshit” and got 56,500,000 results. And this here is the website that is first in the search results?: http://www.transpolar08.com Lame, lame, lame. Amazing photo gallery on this website… too bad they couldn’t snap a few photos when they passed over the poles… especially that “South Pole.” Myself and many others would sure would like to see it. The camera probably just didn’t work at such extreme cold temperatures. Right? See, I don’t believe everything I read, especially on fake, lame websites. And of all the “assertions” on my blog so far, this is the one that you pick on? Well, at least it is nice to know that the trolls/shills have finally found my blog.


    • Transglobe Expedition


  2. Reggin Dontnodoya

    No north south circumnavigation you are correct.

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    • no none at all. ohh no wait their was the Transglobe Expedition in 1976


      • Thanks for more sarcasm. And you were there at this expedition? And you believe everything you read after a quick Google lookup, right “bob”? And we landed men on the moon in 1969, right “bob”? And you know just because the telly said so. We just haven’t gone back since the early 70’s… well… just ’cause, right?


    • I’m afraid that these two articles you have posted are 100% fabrications… i.e. fake, a hoax, not real. You’re kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel with these articles. “Guinness” isn’t exactly the most believable source. These are deliberate lies. A North-South circumnavigation is not possible because there is no “South Pole” that is on the bottom of a spinning ball. It’s that simple. So no matter how many fake articles you throw up there in front of me, I’m not going to believe a word. Understand? You’re either a shill, or completely naive.

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    • It’s hard to know via the internet if you are genuine in your thirst for knowledge and just don’t understand the concept of dis-info, or if you are a shill. I tend to think you are a shill because all you have done here is post a lame link, which links to other lame websites that claim that there has been a north-south circumnavigation, but yet provides no photographic evidence whatsoever. Does it occur to you that shills and dis-info agents can also set up websites and claim anything they want to? This website here is extremely bad and reeks of government involvement due to its poor design and sloppiness — just click on a photo thumbnail, and look how it takes you to… another thumbnail!: http://transglobe-expedition.org/. There is not one photograph there that proves anything whatsoever about a north-south circumnavigation. “Oh, but hey, there are a couple of photos of people bundled up to protect them from extreme cold weather, so therefore there must have been a north-south circumnavigation.” “Oh, and that cartoon animation globe seen here http://transglobe-expedition.org/expedition/ proves that they traversed across a continent on the bottom of a ball called Antarctica. That’s called ‘proof by animation.’ Duh!” “And they said here on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranulph_Fiennes that this fellow, given the honor of the Order of the British Empire, tried to cross the continent of Antarctica (odd though, it says that he couldn’t complete the expedition), and so Antarctica must truly be a continent on the bottom of a sphere, because it says so on Wikipedia, and no one ever lies.” Lame, lame, lame. But hey, that picture of that honest and not-evil person Prince Charles (seen here http://transglobe-expedition.org/arctic/) is cool!

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    • Here you go, pal. Either watch this and learn something new (this would be assuming you’re not a dis-info shill in the first place), or watch this and know that you’re not fooling me nor any other true flat-earthers (this assuming that you are a shill, which I believe is the case): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASpiOZ4b7y0


  3. Fabulous idiots! The flat-Earth fantasy fails on every level.

    Please explain how I can fly east out of New York City, cross the Atlantic, cross Europe and Asia, cross the Pacific, pass over San Francisco, and end up back in the Big Apple.


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    • Same way that you can go around the block in your neighborhood. Does that mean that the block in your neighborhood is a sphere? Thanks for chiming in, though, and for your kind comments. I’ve been an “idiot” before, but never a “fabulous idiot”! With each comment from a ball-earther, the flat earth wins due to the ignorance and lack of research from the commentator/likely-shill. One question is: if this is so “fabulously idiotic,” then why are you even visiting this website and wasting your time with such nonsense?, when you could be on a trip flying “east out of New York City, cross the Atlantic… blah, blah, freaking blah.” In the late 1800’s, maybe as late as the early 1900’s — before humanity went completely insane — the idea of a ball earth would have been considered insane… because… it is.


    • And by the way, did you not even look at the graphic that goes with this post that you commented on? It answers your supposed “question” pretty simply.


  4. good job flatearthperspectives


    • You mean Guinness said it actually happened? Oh, then I stand corrected. By the way, there’s not one shred of proof of anything on the link you provided. Research is paramount. “Guinness World Records” is your solid source? Heaven forbid that anyone would ever lie. Other sources of believable, no-intention-to-deceive information must also include: CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, AP, Time Magazine, National Geographic, Hollywood. Right? Don’t worry. I also used to believe everything I read, and thought movies were real, too.


  5. Having been on the named 79-82 circumnavigation via both poles – both in the Antarctic and Arctic legs, and multiple other Antarctic and North pole crossings since the 70’s, I just cant see the point of rejecting that we live on a little bulging at the center, globe. We boated, walked, skied it, fell over a lot of times (!) and actually did the route as described, Read the book, or even still see the film “to the Ends of the Earth” which is available on DVD – Pooh poohing what was a very well executed, tough and pretty dangerous expedition before the advent of the current GPS and hand carried mod con satellite phones – it didnt happen? Sorry, but it did, and it was no holiday believe me.I have no axe to grind here but a whole lot of the members of the multinational expedition over 3 years and literally hundred since who walk or fly to the North pole,, or on the Antarctic continent may beg to differ. Take the trip yourself – get out and go there, it may change your mind! – there is nothing to stop you travelling to both ends of the globe – just takes a little planning and thought. Go do it – see it with your eyes

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    • Thanks for your comments. Just so that we can all verify: What is your full name? Do you have any photos online of your expedition? And any other proofs other than the BBC-made propaganda film that you mentioned would be much appreciated. And since you seem to have been to both “poles,” can you explain why the high Northern latitudes are resplendent in vegetation and animal life — with relatively warm Summer months — while the high Southern latitudes are a virtual wasteland, almost devoid of vegetation and animal life. Wouldn’t the mirroring latitudes of North and South on a ball earth have basically the same amount of vegetation and animal life?


    • Hello? Can I at least get your full name so that I might verify that you were on this “79-82 circumnavigation via both poles”? Thanks so much.


  6. So – this is going to be long –

    Full name is a bit of an issue – before and during the expedition we had threats from the the way way way wayward fringe, say far right or left flat Earthers, UFO coming out of holes at the pole types, personal and real attacks about how the expedition was false, will not work, cant work as we will fall in a large hole at each end of the globe, if there is one; fall off the edge of a flat something at each end of the “whatever” or not be able to cross an impenetrable ice barrier, or stopped by some pseudo global world control mafia, all of us are liars, part of something big etc etc – Yep, really, to the point where physical violence was threatened.

    Id rather stay with Pauley as it has a nice ring to it and its close the same sounding place where I went to school) I promise you im included in one of the expedition biographies and youll have to do a bit more cleudoing on which one! It makes it more fun

    The 82 film wasn’t by the BBC by the way, though there have been literally a hundred or more (Im guessing here) that have now skied, parasailed or whatever from one side to the other side of the Antarctic continent even over the past decade, from many many longitudinal points.

    Geepers, even a few years ago a mate of mine was part of an expedition that went from the bit of Antarctica that is a rough visual extension of the Andes chain, down the Antarctic peninsular, up to the South Pole (some 9000 ft above sea level) and down the coast in the McMurdo sound area on other side. Tough trip – nice guys, Virtual straight line. Mike Horn, just completed his crossing this year in a record time via the pole (what there isn’t a South pole station?) –

    Many many others have done it and there are literally a plethora of photos from the expeditions web sites if you do a bit of a search. Search Unsupported expeditions to the Poles (North or South!).

    Now of course, the photos could be fake and they are just put there for some reason to fool the masses – like Polar orbiting satellites are fake >:< but, as I said before there is nothing, absolutely nothing for you, you the author to get on a plane, pay your money, fly from wherever you are to say Punta Arenas at the tip of Southern Chile, take a straight line roughly on a bearing of say 68W, and follow that straight line "south"- then jump on a plane and 5-7 hours later refuel on the Antarctic peninsular at Say Rothera on Adelaide island 6734S 6808W, than if you've got enough fuel continue on that Southward line and land at Scott Admunsen base at the South Pole (as long as you are ok with altitude and thru your planning you've got permission to land and buy or barter some fuel!),

    Refuel quickly keeping the engines running (its darn cold) and from there take any heading you like, but say just continue on that same straight line you took from Chile now "North" and about say 5 hours later land at McMurdo or NZ base on the other side of the continent, refuel, Fly another 5 hours or what ever up to Christchurch NZ,, or if you have a load of fuel and patience and want to stay going the same straight line fly up to Perth and continue "North", up to Beijing, say, then on the same straight line(ish) up to Anchorage, where you continue on that straight line, just South of the North pole to Europe (which is the way I get to Europe from here) or dog leg back South all the way back down America to start your next circumnavigation!

    Go on do it, bet you can. Its just money and a little planning. May take a few years to put together – our expedition took nearly 10 years to plan before it even started – take a camera.

    For those literally thousands of Science and support staff and the South Pole and other science bases across the continent, or for the expeditions and scientists alike who seasonally study the environment and earth and physical sciences on floating ice stations near the North pole I challenge you not to prove to yourself that your present line of thinking may need another look. My 10 plus North Pole expeditions and some 10 years of my life in Antarctica doing research and a little bit of true exploration says different.

    Nothing I say or write is going to prove it to you I guess , unless, what, you actually do it for yourself and the same goes for the others with the same line of thinking.

    So the differences between the North and South Polar regions question?- well the North Pole is in the middle of the Ocean, which is frozen. To what extent and depth is seasonal but its thinning for the moment and its getting more and more difficult to walk/ski/skidoo across than even in the 80's – Sometimes the ice is thin you break thru and fall in – not good – water temp near 0C and air temp at -40C – not forgiving, tend to lose parts of your anatomy quickly, believe me.

    Im guessing at some time of the future the truly frozen bit is going to be a whole lot smaller – So its water, a lot and surrounded mostly by land/tundra (Russia, Canada, Norway, Finland, Alaska etc) which is typically say 400-500 miles from the pole or more – So elevation wise and contents its biggest ice bergs are probably no bigger than say 200ft tall, and typically with the way the ocean currents go, you don't get a lot of them at the actual Geographic North pole (not a Top Gear Magnetic pole), normally multiyear ice if you lucky just a few meters thick, though I did see a message in a bott dropped off at the N Pole turned up on a beach in Ireland after a couple of years.

    So, its Seals, Whales, odd Polar Bear if your unlucky that far North and the Foxs that clean up after the bears etc. So its a frozen Ocean with the Sea borne Flora and Fauna you get in the sea,

    Antarctica on the other hand is a Huge physically isolated continental land mass, somewhat centered over what we have classified as the South pole and some 1000 mile South of South America/NZ, and much further from the tips of Africa/Australia, of most lands masses, with a large snow cone of ice atop, which just to one side of the South Pole is over a couple of miles thick. That's a lot of ice and from its continental margin – a lot of water to get to any normally human habited land mass (NZ, Africa etc), nice trees, market garden and pubs etc

    Given the size of the continent with its mountain ranges both on the edge and across its width makes its own weather – Huge storms tend to circle the continent typically cutting off the continent to some extent from what goes on Further "North"

    So – Its really really isolated both Flora and Fauna wise from the rest of what I would call the Globe – and being so isolated and apart from the edges, with wingless mosquitoes, odd bit of tough grass and mosses and dry valleys and possibly newly found sub ice lakes is pretty much clear of vegetation/large animals in the central bit, especially as you climb up, very slowly to the point it doesnt feel you gaining altitude in some places up the "dome of ice" from the Coast to the pole, odd Lichen here and there, odd Skua or wayward lost Penguin. Not much can grow on thick ice in the central part of the Continent I guess – not much to eat either. Pretty different from the North Pole eh?

    Now, there's two parts of Antarctica, East and West and the scientists tell me these two masses were apart and together for periods, and certainly the one I was one had been in temperate zones for some of its history as there are a lot of decent fossils, coal and oil seeps in some areas…others nothing but a white wilderness.

    You may be pulling a sledge towards the South Pole and see a bit of Black or Brown rock sticking out of the snow, kick it, and it may be a tip of a large mountain such is the depth of ice in places.

    The waters surrounding the continent (yes you can and sail around the Continent) are very rich and teeming with life – cold cold waters. Upturned Ice bergs may lift Tons and tons of water up and onto ice stranding millions of Krill etc, Antarctica is truly an amazing place – I like the 'crinkly bits" myself, fiords and mountains around parts of the White continent – look up Lemaire Channel and see the photos – puts Norway in its place. South pole for summer hols? Not for me, too "flat" and really cold in Winter, but to call it colorless would be a misnomer – the sun, snow and ice hues can be truly stunning.

    Have I sold you on the North and South Poles yet – ? Have I indicated that a true circumnavigation of the Pole has been done in 79-82 and probably for a second time in the next year or so by a South African chappy, both of them not leaving the surface of the globe for its entirety?

    Booked your tickets yet?



    • I have allowed you to have your say. Thank you for your comments. These websites do not prove anything to me. These flights might take people to Antarctica, but this does nothing to prove that Antarctica is a continent on the bottom (so to speak) of a ball. What you have given here as evidence does nothing to disprove that Antarctica is an ice “wall” that goes around the outer circumference of the Earth as we know it, as seen here: https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:7h149v85z. That little Ceremonial Pole is a joke to me. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, as I know you have your already-formed opinion and/or agenda; I’m just writing this comment for the record for possible future readers of this thread. And to just say “go do it yourself” is easy to say. This is something only the wealthy can do… I’d need, what?, roughly $20,000 at least? $30,000? One of those websites mentions $50,000? How in the world could Joe Schmo afford that? Money doesn’t grow on trees… it’s printed by the Federal Reserve, and I don’t have access to those printers. All I have is a small monthly paycheck that the fraudulent tax man takes 60% of.


  7. Well – the issue as I see it is this – you are, as I am able to have opinions which may or may not be corroborated or validated by fact of actually going and seeing for your own eyes. Your “it costs a lot” is true but probably the only way you could if you so desired prove your concept one way or another – thousands of people have seen and worked at the South pole and other stations, t – Me, I applied for a job down there and in the 70’s was paid only 5000 USD a year (it much better now!) to live in Antarctica and conduct science, travel by dog team and skidoo, and fly and walk tot American, Russian, Chilean, Argentinian,, British,, New Zealand and Polish bases all over the continent. Subsequent trips were mostly unpaid but paid for by expedition sponsorship – yes its expensive, but If I was in your shoes and have these flat earth theories, and if you really feel strongly that your right, I would be saving up my pennies and proving to myself what is fact or fiction. I bet you a pint of British beer your eyes would be more than opened. I see these conspiracy, Illuminati, we are all members of this and that – bs, Im a plain joe normal worker bee but with some marvelous memories, no Silver spoons here. Seeing is believing, the rest, well its just words. Thanks for the opportunity to reply – sorry its been so long


    • No, “thousands of people” have not worked at the South Pole. But it is possible that thousands of people have work on the Antarctic wall of ice that goes around the entire circumference of the Earth. Just because people have worked on the ice somewhere on the Antarctic ring, how does that prove that the earth is a ball? Nothing you have said is proof neither of the existence of a ball earth nor of a south pole.


  8. Actually if you take the winter and summer complement of South Pole station since its install in 56 it is in the thousands,. Holmes and Narver and recent other contractors give figures of around 150-200 in the “summer” (dayligfht) season and obviously less (we typically had 100 max in the summer and 11-13 all male complement in the winters I was down there). Siple station appx 75S 83W and the small field camp “82B” (82S) in 78 when I was down there had about 50 I think. So where does this ice wall actually start ? Antarctica is a large comms shaped continental land mass plus ice coating and the odd mountain range popping out? There plenty of places where accessible land landings can be made onto the continent and you can gradually climb up the plateau and head South if you wish – but in some places, sure there are calving glaciers which produce that stereotypical view of wall –

    Im really not sure whether this web site and the flat earthers are just a leg pull really- and pulling various chains to get responses, but Ill be a good egg and take it at face value.

    I really think you should get on a plane and max out your cards and take a trip youll never forget – start at say Christchurch or even better down in Southern Chile – there are tons of info on the web and booking is easy – I dont need to prove the Earth is a ball – Ive been on an expedition that circumnavigated the globe via North and South poles, so it must be something sort of roundish to do that given the start and end bearings etc – been there, done that. Cheers and thanks for the entertainment


    • Read this thread and see the many responses to some of these ridiculous links you have shared that you call proof. Again… “Guinness” is our source real proof? C’mon, man. The ability to make up a story and call it “History” doesn’t make it real. Did you also think Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were really up in space? Sorry if I just busted your bubble on that.


  9. for those referencing the trans globe expedition. you are spreading misinformation.. there was such an expedition, but just two of the members completed the whole journey, one of which is dead. the others name is ranulph fiennes a ralph fiennes spinoff. now, there was no recording as far as i found about the antarctic leg. if anyone citing this source knows about it, share it. otherwise its at least questionable (one witness, no proof)
    for those referencing harrelson flight i guess they arent aware what he actually did. he went to the south pole, flew around it and went back the way he came.
    this is done as proof that he made a circle and is required as proof by the governing bodies that make a circumnavigation official. it doesnt need to be a spread out circle you can travel along one meridian to both poles make a uturn at each one and come back from where you started in order to qualify as a circumnavigation. this is basically a loop, pun intended, to avoid reality, which is, there has never been a documented expedition beyond the south pole. you reach it, you turn back on reasons as low fuel, bad weather etc.
    quote from an article about this “Despite a problem with the airplane’s autopilot, he was able to reach the pole and circle it. But headwinds were increasing, cutting the Lancair’s forward speed and causing it to burn more fuel, leaving too little to reach his destination.
    Faced with a key decision, Harrelson knew he had little choice but to turn around and head back, once again, to Punta Arenas. The difference this time was that he had reached the pole and would not have to go there again.”
    for those referencing dick, i did some research about him. he has 4 references on his wikipedia page, out of which 2 are from himself, his book and his website. the other two are from southpolestation.com and the sydney morning herald. the first gives a photo of his airplane at the south pole station with a short description and the latter a more descriptive account about his journey with emphasis on the antarctic leg. none are conclusive as to what he did in the antarctic BUT in his book there are some maps depicting the route with detailed descriptions and photos he took. thats worth investigating, but by no means is it conclusive at first sight. if someone reading this has the book, some pictures or quotes migh come in handy.

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