Most Challenger “Disaster” Crew Members Are Still Alive!

One day about a year ago, I suddenly started wondering if the crew of the Challenger “disaster” was still alive. I suppose I got the idea in my head because of all of the fake shooting hoaxes that were going on at the time, and so I thought, “I wonder what else has been a hoax,” and the Challenger disaster seemed like a good candidate. So I started to poke around on Google, and sure enough, most of the crew members are still alive… and not only that, most of them still use the same names. And actually, discovering the truth about the Challenger disaster hoax is what eventually led me to learning about the biggest hoax of all time, which is of course that the Earth is a ball, a lie that is held together by NASA.

But back to the Challenger crew… I believe that at least five of the seven crew members that supposed died in the explosion are still alive. Here below is a group photo of the crew:

Challenger Crew

Here one-by-one are the crew members that are still alive. I don’t normally like to play the “face matching” game, as it can lead to a lot of wrong conclusions. But the matches in this case — especially when you consider that the names are the same — are just too compelling to overlook. At least five of these crew members look remarkably good, considering that they exploded…

Francis Richard Scobee, who now goes by Richard Scobee, was the Commander of the Challenger. Notice that the left eye in both photos below seem to be a “dead eye” or a “glass eye.” How many Richard Scobee’s are there in history that look alike? And the age progression is a match. He even now has a company called Cows in Trees, which has a website that has some opening animation that shows a cow flying through the air with a rocket on its back, and the rocket makes a smoke trail in the sky similar to what the smoke trail looked like after the Challenger Shuttle exploded. Quite a coincidence, huh? You can view the website here.

Richard Scobee

Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee

Update: Regarding Dick Scobee’s Cows in Trees company website… It appears that this sick excuse for a person has taken the website down. I guess too many people were seeing his obvious reference to the Challenger “disaster” in his opening animation. But here below is a still from the animation:

Cows in Trees the fraud Dick Scobee's website

Michael J. Smith was the “Pilot” of the Challenger, and he is now a professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Click here to see him on the University’s Faculty page.

Michael J. Smith

Michael J. Smith

Judith Resnik was a “Mission Specialist” on the crew, and she is now alive and doing well as a Professor of Law at Yale Law School.

Judith Resnik

Judith Resnik

Ronald McNair is next. He was a Mission Specialist on the crew. The official story is that this picture below is of Carl McNair, who just happens to be Ronald’s twin brother. If you believe that, then I’ve got some land in Florida I think you might be interested in. Here you can see “Carl” McNair on LinkedIn, where he happens to be a “Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Consultant.”

Ronald McNair

Ronald McNair, aka “Carl” McNair

Ellison Onizuka is still alive. The official story in Ellison’s case is also an “identical twin brother” coincidence. So apparently, that’s not Ellison on the right, it’s his brother Claude. Yeah, right. Wink, wink.

Ellison Onizuka and "Claude" Onizuka

Ellison Onizuka and “Claude” Onizuka

Some claim that Christa McAuliffe (born Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe), who was famous for being the school teacher on the crew, is this woman named Sharon A. McAuliffe, a Professor of Law at Syracuse University. I personally do not see the resemblance here. I would say that Christa McAuliffe, being the most famous crew member, would not be allowed or be able to appear again in public using the same name. It’s possible that these two are the same person, but the faces don’t match well enough for me to bet the farm on it. I would however bet the farm on the other five pictured above.

The seventh crew member is Payload Specialist Gregory Jarvis. I have not seen any evidence online that he is still alive.

So, these are all nearly identical images for five of the seven crew members. Now, the fact of these matching faces coupled with the fact that all of these people are still using the same names makes it an absolute statistical certainty that the disaster was a hoax, and that these “astronauts” were simply actors hired to play a part. There’s just no way that all of this, when taken together, can all be a coincidence. Plus, consider that the ages of the people who are officially still alive seem to be just about perfect in terms of how old the crew members would look today.

It’s all right in front of our faces, and the arrogance is unbelievable. How did these people manage to appear again in society without people everywhere screaming that this was a hoax? I don’t know. Maybe people have been trying to tell others all along that this was a hoax, but who’s going to listen? I mean, we all saw the disaster on TV, and the Dan Rather’s and Peter Jennings of the world consoled all of us with their soothing voices as they reported on the event, so why was there any need to investigate further?

Now you have to ask yourself: If NASA is willing to stage a hoax as monstrous, deceitful and disgusting as the so-called Challenger disaster, then what else are they willing to do? After learning about this, you have to figure that everything that NASA says and does is a giant lie. Every photo, video, press release, “space mission”… all of it is a lie, mostly for the purpose of propagandizing the false globe-earth theory. The fact that the Challenger disaster was a hoax is a “Flat Earth Proof” because it shatters the credibility of NASA and casts doubt on everything they have ever told us.


4 thoughts on “Most Challenger “Disaster” Crew Members Are Still Alive!

  1. Anti m*yo action

    Some people kind of sort of look like some other people therefore the Challenger didn’t blow up. Best logic I’ve heard all year.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful, well-researched comment. The counter evidence you have presented is overwhelming. Do you believe everything you see on TV? “Oh, that poor Gilligan and those people on that deserted island. I hope they get rescued.” Is that you? The Challenger Space Shuttle DID blow up (I saw it on TV, too), but those people I mentioned who are still alive were not on the shuttle when it blew. And they don’t “kind of sort of” look alike… they are splitting images, especially Dick Scobee.


      • Anti m*yo action

        You’re still saying that “z is a government conspiracy because some people in pictures that may or may not have been edited and pictures that may or may not be of real people look the same” when, in reality, the pictures don’t really look all that similar.


      • Are you also “The Green Maoist.” He/she also used your style of commenting. In another comment, he/she said ““x used to be used as medicine…” just like you said here, “z is a government conspiracy because some…” I think you are also “Juche Is A Way of Life” and “Flat Earth Truth.”


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