Nikola Tesla on the Theory of “Curved Space” (Quote)

Nikola Tesla“I hold that space cannot be curved, for the simple reason that it can have no properties. It might as well be said that God has properties. He has not, but only attributes, and these are of our own making. Of properties we can only speak when dealing with matter filling the space. To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view.”

~ Nikola Tesla, Inventor and Electrical Engineer (1856-1943)


4 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla on the Theory of “Curved Space” (Quote)

  1. This has NOTHING TO DO with our planet being the ONLY pancake looking.shaped celestial body/entity/object…Btw Tesla considered A sphere to be THE most PERFECT of all shapes in all of the (then) known universe…He even arranged for his ashes(after cremation)to be enclosed into a golden sphere and brought back to EUROPE where he was from…IF ALIVE he would absolutely be AGAINST any of the JUNK quotes and MIS-QUOTES on this POS website.He was talking in this quote about the (then) new theory of relativity,by well known fraudster named ONEDIRTYSTAINED ALBERTHOLLE.


    • You seem like a good guy. Can I hang out with you? Yes, anyone who has eyeballs can see that this quote was in response to relativity. You think you’re pointing out something special? This quote, and many others like them on this “POS website” (spend a lot of time reading and commenting on “POS websites, do you?), are intended to point out that much of what people take to be true, especially in the realm of so-called science, especially something like relativity, is actually a myth or a deliberate hoax. And what other spheres are you seeing in the sky? Take a closer look at stars. They are not freaking spheres or distant suns. If you think stars are “celestial bodies” that are spheres, then you haven’t even begun to look into flat earth. I know you know all of this already, and that you’re shillin’ for the man. I only see two that MIGHT be spheres: the Sun and the Moon. “Outer space” does not exist… stars are in the Earth’s firmament, as well as the Sun and the Moon. And who gives a shit if Telsa wanted his ashes enclosed in a golden sphere.


      • Tesla know for sure that this is a plane. The sphere is in another bigger and different perspective and context (bad english…):


    • Actually, I give up. I’ve changed my mind completely. I now believe every word you said. You are not a shill… You are 100% genuine. I am no longer a flat earther. I just watch a video called 300 Proofs that the Earth is a Sphere, and I am now totally convinced. Here, take a look:

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