The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

This is a good video, and it just barely scratches the surface of the deception…

A couple of notes: This video shows Senator Bernie Sanders asking former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke “tough” questions… well, I believe that Bernie Sanders is controlled opposition. In general, you don’t get to the position of Senator, let alone “serve” for years and years, without being in the “club.” Number two: the end the video says that the people should “fight back.” Fighting actually strengthens the thing that you are fighting. This is why a wise man said, “Resist not evil,” which is actually better translated as “Do not oppose what opposes you.” Why? Because you strengthen the thing you oppose. I don’t mean that you just stand there and do nothing if you’re being railroaded or your well-being is directly in jeopardy… I just mean that it is pointless and even harmful to protest and form picket lines. Honestly, what good has that ever done anyway? Awareness of these facts is enough.


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