The Globe Earth, Gravity, and Relativity Are Just Theories… Not Proven (Quote)

Joseph Jastrow“Create a belief in the theory, and the facts will create themselves.”

~ Joseph Jastrow, Polish-born American psychologist

The North Star Does Not Move… Case Closed: The Earth Is Still

I’ve mentioned this fact before on this blog, and I will probably mention it again, but the North Star has never moved from it’s position relative to the Earth in the history of mankind, and it never will. It is always in the same spot in our sky from our perspective here on Earth.

This fact alone, forgetting the massive number of other proofs and pieces of evidence, is a “case closed” observation: the Earth does not spin on an axis… it does not orbit around a Sun that is in “outer space”… our so-called “solar system” is not hurtling through “space” and orbiting around some other body, and the North Star (as well as every other star) is itself not hurtling through space and itself orbiting around something else.

As far as I know, the official story to explain the North Star never moving is that the Earth is titled on its axis that that tilt is always pointed precisely at the North Star. Well, if this were true, it would mean that the North Star movements relative to the Earth would need to be in exact precision as the Earth moves around the Sun. So all of the heavenly bodies that are supposed spinning, orbiting and hurtling through space would need to move in such a way that the tilt of the Earth’s axis would always point directly at the North Star, which would give the appearance that the North Star does not move from our perspective on Earth.

Here’s a diagram of the official explanation. If you just imagine the Earth moving around the Sun, with the tilt of the axis always being the same, then it makes no sense that the North Star would always be in the same place relative to the Earth’s axis…

Earth supposedly orbiting around the sun

Add to all of this the fact that all of the other stars revolve in perfect circles around the North Star. This proves that the Earth does not move, the North Star does not move, and the other stars are not “suns” trillions and trillions of miles away that are hurtling through “space.”

The implications of this are staggering. It means that we have been lied to on a massive scale by “science,” by governments, by space agencies, and in general by any group that uses this lie for its dark agenda.

Why Does President Obama Keeps Mentioning the Flat Earth?

President Barack Obama has made mention of the Flat Earth at least three times during the past four years. He is trying to be funny, making the assertion that anyone who doesn’t believe in his agenda (in this case so-called “climate change”) is like a believer in that crazy “Flat Earth” theory that only backwards neanderthals and cavemen believed in. (No way that ancient cultures who had Flat Earth cosmologies could be smarter than us, right?) And if he is trying to be “funny,” would anybody actually laugh at these so-called “jokes,” other than the tools in his audience, who are probably told to laugh on cue?

The fact is that everything that this President or any President says in his speeches are extremely well-choreographed. His speeches are always carefully written by speech writers in order to further some kind of agenda. There are no wasted words, and there are no spontaneous moments or accidental statements. The President of the United States is almost nothing more than an actor who reads the lines that he is given. We all know that there was one President who actually was a big-time Hollywood actor. The same holds true for all mainstream new media anchors, by the way.

So if the President’s speech writers are including a mention of Flat Earth — not once, not twice, but three times (at least… there may be a fourth) — then there must be a reason for it. And in my opinion the reason is that the truth about the nature of our Earth is spreading like wild fire, and so these mentions in his speeches are an attempt at damage control — an attempt to discredit the whole notion of Flat Earth. Why even mention Flat Earth at all? I mean, if Flat Earth is so stupid, backwards, idiotic, and unscientific, then why would the President’s speech writers take the time and effort to include it? Before I was introduced to the true proofs of the Flat Earth (as well as the absolute lack of globe-earth proofs), this “Flat Earth” stuff would never have even entered into my thinking. So why does the President need to introduce it into people’s thinking? Because it is likely that people would have discovered it for themselves due to its growing popularity on the internet, and so they need to try to plant it as a “joke” before people discover it.

One other point: Obama mentions the “Flat Earth Society” at least twice. The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition organization whose actual aim is to make the Flat Earth ideas appear to be ridiculous. So he mentioned the Flat Earth Society knowing that some people would look it up and see that it is nonsense. And that is true, the Flat Earth Society is nonsense because they mix half-truths with obvious nonsense in order to turn people away from the true Flat Earth principles. So obviously, Obama is not going to mention a true source of Flat Earth information in his speeches. He is going to mention controlled opposition set up to discredit the whole notion of Flat Earth. After all, one of the world’s all-time most murderous monsters, V.I. Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Think about that statement for a second. Who would even sit down and spend their day thinking about things like that? You would have to be a demon straight from hell to think that and actually use it in order to take advantage of other people. But that’s exactly what the “elite” of the world do: they do think about these things; they study human psychology, they know about it, and they use it for their own psychological and material profits.

Watch for yourself… Here below is a video that shows Obama’s “jokes” about Flat Earth. You can just sense how contrived and rehearsed all of this is…

There Are No “Satellites” Orbiting in “Space”

Do a Google Search for “photos of satellites,” then click “Images,” and all you will find are artist’s renditions and computer generated images of so-called satellites. Some of the images look more realistic than others, but if you take a really close look, you will see that all of the search results are not actual photos at all! Here… I’ve made it easy for you to do the search: Just click here.

Here below are literally the first five results in the search. You can see just how fake these photos look once you look at them with new eyes. When we do this Google search, why aren’t there any photos of satellites on the ground before the so-called launch? And if these are real photos of satellites, then who or what is taking the photographs? Most of the images that show up in the search are even admitted to be artist’s renderings:

Google search

Google search

Google search

Google search

Google search

The is no “outer space” in which the Moon is 238,000 miles away, and the Sun is 93 Million miles away, and the stars are trillions and trillions of miles away, etc. etc. And since there is no space, then it naturally follows that it is impossible to launch “satellites” into space and have them orbit around a so-called ball Earth. Have you or anyone else ever seen a satellite launch? Probably not. If you have, you probably either saw the launch fail as the rocket exploded, or the rocket made a giant parabola in the sky, eventually going out of sight and crashing somewhere out in the ocean. How come successful NASA rocket launches (forget the massive number of failed launches) never go straight up and into “space”? Why do they travel on a parabola, and even appear to make their way back down to the Earth before they go out of sight?

Check out this video of a supposedly “successful” satellite launch. This is apparently India’s space program. Notice that the rocket’s path is a giant parabola. Near the end of the video it even appears that the rocket is headed back down towards the Earth!!! But we are supposed to believe that this rocket made it into “space” and that there is now a satellite orbiting the Earth as a result?

Now, there may be “satellites” in the sense that there may exist some kind of aircraft or some other kind of technology flying at high altitudes in our own atmosphere.

“But what about cell phone transmissions and satellite TV transmissions?” you may ask. The answer to that is simple. All so-called satellite television and cell phone transmissions are accomplished through ground-based technologies.

“But what about all of the “satellite” photos that I see on Google Earth?” No, those are not taken by satellites in space. They are taken by high-altitude drone planes. Any images on Google Earth that show a curved Earth or any semblance of a spherical planet are artists renderings that are seamlessly married together with actual high-altitude photos. This article here says, “… the folks at Google Earth remind us that you’re not zooming in on just one picture. You’re actually going through a succession — seamlessly — of closer and closer shots, making the transition from a NASA shuttle shot to a satellite shot to a photograph made from an airplane. So that’s how they get such good close-up resolution.” But like I said, the “NASA shuttle shots” and “satellite shots” are computer generated/artist renderings.

“But what about the little dots of light that I see move across the sky on a dark, starry night?” I don’t know what those are… nobody does, but you can bet the house that they are not satellites in space. If I had to guess, I would say that we are seeing some kind of aircraft flying at high altitude. We are told that satellites are about the size of a school bus, and we are also told that they are about 90 miles away. Now, do you think we could see a school bus from 90 miles away? No, we couldn’t. It would be completely gone from our perspective.

This article here says, “…Earth’s orbit is actually crowded with a ton of stuff, from human-made satellites to many smaller pieces of debris whirling around at dangerously high speeds, as the film Gravity so memorably dramatized. In fact, there are an estimated 500,000 or so smaller orbital debris (between one and 10 centimeters in diameter) and about 21,000 larger bits (larger than 10 centimeters) spinning around Earth right now…” And I’ve seen an “official” figure of 2,271 man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. Read the full article if you want a good laugh; it is an excellent example of the kind of fake research and stories that are produced by this factory of lies called NASA, with help from its sister-company in crime called “Hollywood.”

The article points to this ridiculous website here that supposedly “tracks the paths of hundreds of thousands of orbital objects in real-time.” Does anyone actually believe this?

So if there is all this stuff orbiting in space, including almost 2,300 satellites, then why do we never see any of this debris, nor any satellites whatsoever in any photos that come from the (fake) International Space Station, or from any of NASA’s other space missions. Why don’t we see these things? Obviously because nobody is actually in space, there are no satellites, and it would be way too difficult and take way too much effort to accurately fake photos and images of debris and satellites. This is why there were also no stars shown in any of Apollo 11’s so-called photos of Earth. They were too difficult to fake and would have likely been easily debunked if they had tried to place all of the stars in their appropriate places so that the lie would be believable. So they said, “Just forget about the stars. We’ll tell people that we couldn’t see them because of our position relative to the Sun.”

Can anyone show me a good photograph of a so-called satellite? I’d like to see one.

Fake crashed satellite