Why Does President Obama Keeps Mentioning the Flat Earth?

President Barack Obama has made mention of the Flat Earth at least three times during the past four years. He is trying to be funny, making the assertion that anyone who doesn’t believe in his agenda (in this case so-called “climate change”) is like a believer in that crazy “Flat Earth” theory that only backwards neanderthals and cavemen believed in. (No way that ancient cultures who had Flat Earth cosmologies could be smarter than us, right?) And if he is trying to be “funny,” would anybody actually laugh at these so-called “jokes,” other than the tools in his audience, who are probably told to laugh on cue?

The fact is that everything that this President or any President says in his speeches are extremely well-choreographed. His speeches are always carefully written by speech writers in order to further some kind of agenda. There are no wasted words, and there are no spontaneous moments or accidental statements. The President of the United States is almost nothing more than an actor who reads the lines that he is given. We all know that there was one President who actually was a big-time Hollywood actor. The same holds true for all mainstream new media anchors, by the way.

So if the President’s speech writers are including a mention of Flat Earth — not once, not twice, but three times (at least… there may be a fourth) — then there must be a reason for it. And in my opinion the reason is that the truth about the nature of our Earth is spreading like wild fire, and so these mentions in his speeches are an attempt at damage control — an attempt to discredit the whole notion of Flat Earth. Why even mention Flat Earth at all? I mean, if Flat Earth is so stupid, backwards, idiotic, and unscientific, then why would the President’s speech writers take the time and effort to include it? Before I was introduced to the true proofs of the Flat Earth (as well as the absolute lack of globe-earth proofs), this “Flat Earth” stuff would never have even entered into my thinking. So why does the President need to introduce it into people’s thinking? Because it is likely that people would have discovered it for themselves due to its growing popularity on the internet, and so they need to try to plant it as a “joke” before people discover it.

One other point: Obama mentions the “Flat Earth Society” at least twice. The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition organization whose actual aim is to make the Flat Earth ideas appear to be ridiculous. So he mentioned the Flat Earth Society knowing that some people would look it up and see that it is nonsense. And that is true, the Flat Earth Society is nonsense because they mix half-truths with obvious nonsense in order to turn people away from the true Flat Earth principles. So obviously, Obama is not going to mention a true source of Flat Earth information in his speeches. He is going to mention controlled opposition set up to discredit the whole notion of Flat Earth. After all, one of the world’s all-time most murderous monsters, V.I. Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Think about that statement for a second. Who would even sit down and spend their day thinking about things like that? You would have to be a demon straight from hell to think that and actually use it in order to take advantage of other people. But that’s exactly what the “elite” of the world do: they do think about these things; they study human psychology, they know about it, and they use it for their own psychological and material profits.

Watch for yourself… Here below is a video that shows Obama’s “jokes” about Flat Earth. You can just sense how contrived and rehearsed all of this is…


2 thoughts on “Why Does President Obama Keeps Mentioning the Flat Earth?

  1. Thank you for you article. I also agree with you on the fact that ALL presidents…any politician for that matter…and the media outlet are only designed to mislead and distract the masses. I am a recent believer in Flat Earth…maybe 5 months. I had also noticed that Obama had mentioned Flat Earth. They like to mention the truth to the masses because the masses do not know…they believe all of the lies. It is part of their perverse joke on all the nations. I am awake and refuse to go back to sleep and be part of the cattle herd heading for slaughter!!!


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