The North Star Does Not Move… Case Closed: The Earth Is Still

I’ve mentioned this fact before on this blog, and I will probably mention it again, but the North Star has never moved from it’s position relative to the Earth in the history of mankind, and it never will. It is always in the same spot in our sky from our perspective here on Earth.

This fact alone, forgetting the massive number of other proofs and pieces of evidence, is a “case closed” observation: the Earth does not spin on an axis… it does not orbit around a Sun that is in “outer space”… our so-called “solar system” is not hurtling through “space” and orbiting around some other body, and the North Star (as well as every other star) is itself not hurtling through space and itself orbiting around something else.

As far as I know, the official story to explain the North Star never moving is that the Earth is titled on its axis that that tilt is always pointed precisely at the North Star. Well, if this were true, it would mean that the North Star movements relative to the Earth would need to be in exact precision as the Earth moves around the Sun. So all of the heavenly bodies that are supposed spinning, orbiting and hurtling through space would need to move in such a way that the tilt of the Earth’s axis would always point directly at the North Star, which would give the appearance that the North Star does not move from our perspective on Earth.

Here’s a diagram of the official explanation. If you just imagine the Earth moving around the Sun, with the tilt of the axis always being the same, then it makes no sense that the North Star would always be in the same place relative to the Earth’s axis…

Earth supposedly orbiting around the sun

Add to all of this the fact that all of the other stars revolve in perfect circles around the North Star. This proves that the Earth does not move, the North Star does not move, and the other stars are not “suns” trillions and trillions of miles away that are hurtling through “space.”

The implications of this are staggering. It means that we have been lied to on a massive scale by “science,” by governments, by space agencies, and in general by any group that uses this lie for its dark agenda.


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