How can there be “outer space” with no atmosphere?

I don’t even know “science’s” official (false) explanation of how this is possible (and I really don’t care to hear it)… I like to use my own common sense… How is it possible that the Earth can have an atmosphere, and then suddenly at some point high in air, it turns into the perfect vacuum of “space”?

How can there be atmosphere… atmosphere… atmosphere… and then suddenly no atmosphere. It’s not possible. There would have to be some kind of solid membrane to separate the two. Isn’t the vacuum of space supposed to suck any atmosphere into it? We’ve all seen it depicted in science fiction movies (note the word fiction), where the space ship outer door is opened and everything is sucked into this vacuum of space.

There’s also the question of so-called “gravity” (which by the way also does not exist, at least as the magical force that we have been conditioned to believe in that explains everything). Imagine an “astronaut” going into “space.” How could there be gravity in which the astronaut is pulled down towards the Earth, and then suddenly at some point he enters the weightlessness of space? In other words, where is this magical point in which one would feel the pulled down towards the Earth, and then switch to weightlessness in which people and objects can float around like magic? Weight… weight… weight… weight… and then “ahhhh”… weightlessness. It doesn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t the Earth’s so-called gravity continue to pull on you even when you reached space? Does the vacuum of space somehow cancel gravity, at least for fake astronauts? How can there be sudden weightlessness? Wouldn’t it be a very gradual movement towards “relative” weightlessness as you move further and further away from the large mass of Earth?

The real answer is that there is no “outer space,” at least in the way we have been brought up to think about it. As I’ve stated in previous posts, the only (false) evidence we have ever seen of the proof of outer space has come from NASA or in Hollywood movies. It’s science fiction.

Here are just a few of the many implications of this:

  • Sorry, but Star Wars isn’t possible. There are no other “galaxies” as we have been told. The Earth is a realm with its own firmament, and that’s it.
  • Aliens or extra-terrestrial life from other planets do not exist.
  • Nobody walked on the Moon because the Moon is not a spherical object in “space” that one can walk on.
  • Nothing has ever been launched into “space,” including space shuttles and satellites.
  • There is no “International Space Station” orbiting the Earth in “space.” Everything you’ve seen regarding the ISS is fake, a hoax.
  • The other so-called planets are not millions of miles away in “space.” They are in our own firmament.

Please show me one non-NASA, non-Hollywood, non-theoretical proof/evidence that “outer space” actually exists. It can’t be done because there isn’t any evidence.

The more you consider these things, the more the conditioning will wear off, and the more obvious it will become to you that all of this globe-earth stuff has been one enormous hoax.



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