Dr. Auguste Piccard’s Record-Breaking Balloon Flights

Dr. Auguste Piccard

“(The Earth) seemed a flat disc with an upturned edge.” ~ Dr. Auguste Piccard (1884 – 1962), Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, on his return from his 1931 record-setting balloon flight of about 15.8 miles.

Piccard made a total of twenty-seven balloon flights, finally reaching a then-record altitude of 23 miles. Wikipedia oddly enough (sarcasm) does not mention his description of the shape of the Earth.

I watched a video on YouTube that went into the occult symbolism in Star Wars and Star Trek, and how those two popular series are first and foremost meant for ball-earth propaganda. And just to covertly laugh at us — the dumb sheeple — as they often do, the name they chose for the captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Next Generation was Captain Piccard.

They know full well that the Earth is a flat, motionless plane.


15 thoughts on “Dr. Auguste Piccard’s Record-Breaking Balloon Flights

  1. Did he take a picture of this flat disk with an upturned edge? Or do we have to take his word for it?


    • Take his word for it, I suppose. I wasn’t there with him. Do you, however, always apply this same philosophy to every bit of news that you hear in the media or every discovery that “science” makes? Probably not. You’re just applying this “I need pictures” method here in this one instance because you either 1) know that the Earth is a plane and have an agenda, or 2) you really, really don’t want the Earth to be a plane and prefer the ball because it would mean admitting that you’ve swallowed lies hook, line and sinker for years and years.


  2. “Seems to be flat”, isn’t the same as “IS flat”. And this man only went 23 miles (37 Km) up, looked through a very small window and saw the horizon some 427 miles away from him, and very narrow, due to the small window.


    • I’ve been up 30,000 feet in the air, and it also “seems” to be flat to me as well. And regarding the “saw the horizon some 427 miles away from him”: how do you know that? and why would that make any difference? Have you taken the time to look at the rest of the evidence in favor of flat earth? Just curious, can you explain why the constellations have never changed their relative positions to each other in the history of humanity? and why they all make perfect circles around the North Star, which has never, ever, ever, ever moved from its position? See, this statement by Piccard is just one small quote to support the hundreds of pieces of evidence and proofs that support flat earth. So just because you believe that you have debunked Piccard’s quote with your “small window” comment — which you haven’t — it doesn’t do anything.

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    • My friend, how dumb are you? Do you not know that Picard had a Phd in Physics and a lesser degree in Mechanical Engineering? Don’t you think he wouldn’t have known and accounted for that. If that was the case? If so, he would have said, “Due to the very small window, it appeared to look like…But he didn’t. If you think you have more common and mechanical sense than Picard, along with a Phd in a related science, please enlighten us. I’m not being facetious. If you have more information and insight than a pioneering genius or at least a very reasonable elucidation of the situation, please let us know.


      • Yes, not only did Piccard have a strong background in science — stronger than most people who have ever lived — but unlike the guy who made this comment, Piccard actually went up 23 miles in a balloon, higher than 99.99999999% of the rest of humanity. And if the Earth actually were a sphere, why would he have denied that?… if he had seen curvature, why wouldn’t he have said, “It seemed a curved sphere with down-turned edges”? Piccard just reported what he saw, which is what a true scientist does.

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  3. I have an explanation for the flat world comment because i notice the windows on the sides but to truly see the curvature you have to look straight down or maybe he was to high up to see from the side windows


  4. He said “It seemed a disk with an upturned edge” He didn’t say “Oh my God! there’s no curvature, the Earth is flat!” which is what I would have thought would have been the response from a man, who presumably believed that the Earth is a sphere.
    We tend to use the word ‘seemed’ when we know that what we are witnessing is not the actual truth. I don’t think that Auguste Piccard’s statement proves anything about the Earth being flat. Did he ever discuss the shape of the Earth? I don’t think that this one comment amounts to anything.


    • Thank you for your comment, but I disagree in every respect with your comment above. You are speculating as to what you “would have thought would have been the response.” Let me speculate as well: if he had definitely seen curvature, a round ball, I would think that his statement would have been something like: “The curvature of the earth was clear from the height I was at. The Earth seemed to be a ball.” You say, ” I don’t think that this one comment amounts to anything.” This is a man who went at least 15 miles up in a balloon… have you ever been up that high? Plus, I would say that the his use of the word “seemed” shows his surprise at having seen a “flat disc with an upturned edge.” In other words, he may have fully expected to see curvature, and was perplexed at seeing none. In any case, his statement couldn’t be clearer, but you’re trying to muddy the waters. To your other question: I have no idea as to whether or not he discussed the shape of the Earth in further detail other than this statement above. Do you know for sure that he didn’t? And finally, as I have already explained about sixty times on this blog: this statement is just one piece of evidence piled upon hundreds of other common sense pieces of evidence in favor of a flat earth. To think that I am claiming that the earth is a flat plane just because of this one statement alone is ridiculous. It is one more supporting piece of evidence. Take all of the evidence together and what you get is a flat plane.

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  5. I have seen a lot of scientific evidence as well as current up to date photos, videos and models using scientific measuring to prove Picvard was not only right but that a huge number of astronomers also believe he was correct

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  6. All I can see and hear is exactly the effect the controllers of this earth wanted…us to be divided and making us easily deceived, Also it is fully understandable that people either don’t want to hear something different to what they have been taught their entire their lives or don’t want to think they’ve been fooled…we have been fooled many many times by these people and are still being fooled as they control every aspect of our lives, if you research all the false flag events just to mention one, their still at it…and wont stop, many archaeological discoveries are buried or bulldozed which could prove a whole new perspective of history..I could go on..


  7. All your proof of a flat earth is a 90 year old statement from a man looking through a porthole in a metal ball on a balloon. Man do you even know how the scientific method works?


    • “Jose,” have you looked at all the other hundreds of pieces of observable evidence in favor of a flat earth, not just on my website, as I can’t cover everything, but have you done your own investigation on the interlines? And have you also noticed that the ball earth theory has not one shred of evidence, just theories that conveniently turned into “fact” just because they were repeated often enough and taught to us since we were fetuses? Yes, the statement by Piccard is one piece of evidence, but it is supported by all the other evidence. Have you ever been up as high in the air as PIccard was in his balloon? Probably not, right? And I should ask you: “Man, do you even know how the scientific method works?” It is flat earthers that actually use the scientific method, which is based on evidence that our own sense can observe, not based on imaginative theories that then somehow turn into immutable laws. Every scientific experiment that has tried to prove a spinning Earth has failed, and has actually proven the opposite, that the Earth does not spin on an axis like we’re told. All the ball earth proponents have as so-called evidence are (false) theories from freemasons, NASA and space agency fakery, and Hollywood CGI / special effects. But hey man, keep saying the word “science” enough and people will believe anything you say.


    • he didnt go alone, didnt he have an assistant who also saw earth? Russian children where taught the earth was as piccard saw it till the 70 that is why his statement holds weight, because he actually went up 23 miles multiple times and he never changed it. Going and seeing is very sientific in my opinion.


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