NASA Is Becoming More Bold and Obvious With Their Fake Images

A person I respect a great deal forwarded me a link to a story on CNN (strike one right there) that had a slide-show of some “beautiful” images that have been taken by this so-called Hubble Telescope. This person who forwarded the link to me believes 100% in the space-lie, and thought that these images were “stirring.” This is not a dumb person, but he would never want to believe that he has been so successfully and utterly fooled.

The stupidity and gullibility of humanity makes me want to faint. It sad, disheartening, and it gets my blood boiling to think that awful people could lie to such a degree, and that decent people believe all of it without question. I was in the same boat, though. I guess we have to believe lies first, and then break free… that’s the order that it has to happen in.

Here below is a link to this “story,” which I believe is 100% manufactured out of thin air with the help of NASA’s billion dollar budget.

Hubble showcases Crab Nebula’s “beating heart”

What’s funny is that most of the images in the slideshow are even admittedly “artist’s illustrations” or renditions. But they know that most people won’t read the captions. And then they mix in the admitted illustrations/paintings with so-called “real photos.”

Here below are two screenshots of images that I found especially hilarious (well, in a sad sort of way).

The person who forwarded these images to me found this one to be “stirring.” He thought it was a real photo! Think about that. But this is even admitted to be an illustration, which I hope to God is obvious to most people. I’m sorry, but this is not a reality “out there” somewhere. This is pure science fiction! :

NASA fake photo

And I also found this one to be particularly funny. Look at the caption… it says that the image is an illustration, but it says that the Cassini spacecraft really did sample some of the dust grains near Saturn, and a “few dozen of them appear to have come from beyond our solar system.” This is hilarious stuff, folks:

NASA Fake images

And by the way, these so-called spacecrafts that go deep into (fake) outer space… That’s quite an amazing communications connection for them to be able to send transmissions back to Earth from billions of miles away. It must be some kind of advanced interwebs.


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