NASA Has Magic Telescopes

Once you’ve seen and thoroughly digested the massive amount of evidence that we live on a flat plane, the ball-earth theory and all of its so-called evidence is easily seen as being completely ridiculous.

For instance, these days when I see something produced by NASA or Hollywood, etc., I can see that it is fake instantly. What I mean is that I don’t have to think about it. I now know without thinking that every bit of material that we receive from NASA is fake, a hoax.

Now when I hear people who think they are pretty darn smart mention things like “galaxies” and the “Hubble Telescope” because they read a “science” article, I just have to shake my head because I know that they have been 100% fooled. They think that just because the article they read says, “Scientists claim…” must mean that it is true. They get to feel like they are smart because they read a “scientific” article.

Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said something like, “It is much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” How true is that?

Here in this image below is a comparison of what NASA sees as the “planet” Mars through their magic telescopes, as opposed to how every other human being on the plane Earth sees the light in the sky we call “Mars” through their real telescopes. Are you starting to see?

Mars through NASA's magic telescope.

(Image source:

Humanity, you’ve been deceived on a massive scale as to the nature of the very Earth that your two feet are standing on. The implications of this lie are huge. I won’t go into it now, but for one, it confuses us and completely throws us all off balance in a very significant way, and has played a large part in convincing humanity that there is no Creator (and I’m not talking about “believing” in a Creator in a religious, Bible-thumping sort of way), and that therefore we and everything else is an unintelligent accident.


2 thoughts on “NASA Has Magic Telescopes

  1. Wait a second, that 2.5 billion dollar telescope has better optics than this 200 dollar one? noo wayyyyy


    • You’ve seen these 2.5 billion dollar telescopes yourself? Yes? You’ve probably actually operated these magic telescopes as well? What I’m saying to you, “Rickle,” is that most of what you read, especially regarding “space,” is a lie. I prefer to be my own scientist, and not rely on the word of liars. Kay?


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