Fake NASA Photos of the “Dark Side of the Moon”

I’ve already covered on this blog how absolutely fake NASA’s new photo, or video, or animation (whatever they’re calling it now) of the “dark side of the Moon is, but this image here below exposes the fakery from yet another angle. See, with so many lies over the years and years, they can’t possibly keep them all straight, so they have to back-track a lot. Pretty soon we might see NASA throw this “real” photo into the memory hole, and say that it was always just an artist’s rendition/animation all along, even though they have definitely tried to convince us when it first came out that this “dark side of the moon” image was an actual photo taken by their “EPIC” camera.

This meme below asks the question: How is it possible that the supposed photos of the Earth from the supposed Apollo missions show an Earth that is much, much smaller than the supposed photo of the Earth taken by this supposed “DSCOVR probe,” even though this DSCOVR probe is about 1,000,000 miles away, as opposed to the so-called photo taken on the Moon at a supposed 238,000 miles away…?

Fake DSCOVR EPIC photos

I had a brief exchange on Twitter with someone who was either completely brainwashed or a skilled shill who tried to claim that the Earth appeared larger from 1,000,000 miles away because of the “foreshortening” effect produced by EPIC’s amazing camera lens. If you honestly buy that kind of an explanation, then you’re in trouble.


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