First Ever Photo From “Space” Shows Flat Earth

It is claimed from “official sources” that a “V-2 Missle” was launched from the New Mexico desert on October 24, 1946, and that it took this black-and-white photo below. Supposedly this photo was taken at an altitude of 65 miles.

First photo from so-called "Space"

(Image source:

This photo shows a completely flat horizon… no curvature whatsoever. Notice how they present the photo at an angle in order to give this sort of slight illusion of curvature. But if you hold up a straight edge to the horizon line in the photo, you will see that the horizon is a completely straight line.

Just in case you think this photo has been doctored by “conspiracy theorists,” click the following link to see the same photo presented on “Air and Space Magazine’s” website, which is run by the “Smithsonian,” which is obviously a controlled mainstream media outlet: First Photo From Space. Check out the “panorama” that they put together from a 1948 V-2 photo-shoot. They added some curvature to some of these photos to make sure that you know that the Earth is a globe.

I do believe that this photo is most likely real, and I do believe that they really could have been 65 miles up in the air. But this “missle” is not in “space” as they claim. It is in Earth’s atmosphere. So what they’re trying to accomplish two things in this fake article: convince you that there is such a thing as “no-atmosphere space,” and that the shape of the earth is a sphere (of course it’s supposedly “pear-shaped” now!).

Also, one more point I wanted to make… this photo was supposed snapped in 1946, but it is a whole photo, not a composite. And now here we are in 2016 — 70 years later — and NASA claims that the available technology in all of their various cameras and satellites only allows them to take small snapshots that they then have to piece together to form a whole, composite shot. I guess that the “technology” was better in 1946, and has regressed since then…


2 thoughts on “First Ever Photo From “Space” Shows Flat Earth

  1. I Am *Very* Smart

    “Sometimes” I like to also “sound” like an “intellectual” and pretend I know things “too.” It makes me sound very smart “even” though in reality “I” know nothing. Much “like” you. “Get” a life.


    • I can see that the “truth” irritates you. Do you often take precious time out of your day to visit websites run by people who need to “get” a life? Not only that, then take the time to comment? Or do you get paid to do this? Also, I have a feeling that you are the same person as former commenters “Anit m*yo action” (note the use of asterisks in your username — who uses asterisks in their freaking usernames?), Juche Is A Way of Life, and The Green Maoist.


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