Brief Observations about the Moon Being Close and Satellites

The fact that anyone with a nice zoom camera can take — while standing on Earth — such a crisp, clear, detailed photo of the Moon seems to be yet another proof that the Moon is closer than we are told, and not 238,000 miles away. If it was that far away in “space,” then I highly doubt we would be able to see such fine details of the Moon’s surface from the Earth because we would be looking through so many miles of atmosphere, which would cloud the image. We can even see the details with our naked eye on many nights. This proof might not be the first thing you would tell a person who is new to flat earth, but it can be added as a curiosity to all of the other observable evidence.

But better yet, given all that I just said above about clear images of the Moon’s surface: If there are supposedly at least 2,000 Satellites (I have seen some sources say 20,000 — but let’s just say 2,000) orbiting around the Earth, wouldn’t we at least once in a while be able to witness, to observe, a Satellite pass between us and the Moon (especially a bright full Moon), and therefore be able to see the Satellite’s silhouette as it flies across the Moon’s surface from our perspective? Common sense says “Yes.” But in the ball-earth theory, lies are stacked upon other lies, which means that all common sense is lost, or we are expected to ignore our sense(s) and pretend that we feel ourselves spinning around at 1,000 miles per hour.

Crisp, clear photo of the Moon


16 thoughts on “Brief Observations about the Moon Being Close and Satellites

  1. TheGovernmentIsCorrupt

    I find it disturbing that the government would lie to us like this >:[ !!!! I want to thank you for showing me the truth. It is nice to know there are still good people out there. Thank you
    – Sincerely
    Someone who is considered for their future


    • Yeah, No problem. Lots of other good websites out there, too. Right now I’m reading Zetetic Cosmogony by Thomas Winship, aka: Rectangle — you might want to check it out — written around 1899, back when people weren’t quite so corrupted with the ball-earth yet.


      • TheGovernmentIsCorrupt

        That sounds like a good read; I may check it out myself. It is saddening to see that people are being brain-washed by our so called “protectors”, the government. One day I hope to see that corruption is vanquished and truth prevails.


      • The corruption is frustrating, but it has probably always been present, no matter the era. The fact that the earth is not a globe, but is instead something more of an “indefinable, infinite realm” (I believe that Tesla used the word “realm” to describe what the Earth is, and he was a pretty smart guy), becomes more obvious to me every day. I look up, and I see a Sun that is smaller than the Earth, and travels within our sky, or firmament, whatever one wants to call it. It is SO obvious if people just use their eyes.


  2. TheGovernmentIsCorrupt

    Yes I totally agree! I find today’s people don’t use their brain as much as they used too. They are too busy updating their Instagram and taking selfies on Snapchat to see the lies given to us. There are far too little willing to speak up against the government and take everything they say for fact. The government is starting young and brainwash the children of tomorrow and making them more obedient. They are punished for speaking their own will and bullied by others for their thoughts. It’s disgusting and I read things like this that question what we are told and form their own way. It gives me a little more faith in our society.


  3. Flat Earth Truth

    I don’t think you’re a real flat earther. I think you’re a globe head on government payroll to make us look bad.


    • Spoken like someone who really IS on the government payroll. I can see how your tactic here might discourage most people, but not me, pal. First of all, there is no “us.” I don’t know you… you don’t know me… I have no intention of WANTING to know you. But let’s say for a second you are not on the payroll, how in the world are my posts making “us” look bad?


      • Flat Earth Truth

        You claim that I sound like I am on government payroll, yet have no evidence to support such an assertion. Just like everything else on the globe head propaganda ridden blog, you present no proper evidence to support your claims. If I were you, I’d learn some HTML and CSS (unless they’re globe head constructs such as this blog) and make a real website. Not some pathetic wordpress like an acne-ridden teenager. Actually, I take that back. Even an acne-ridden teenager could do a better job at making a website than this. Your lack of a respectable website is laughable. If I had made something like this, or even used wordpress period, I’d be ashamed to publish it and would would protest any efforts to have it published. You are a poor excuse for a flat earther (which I doubt you are). Your entire blog comes off as nothing more than left wing communist marxist globalist socialist globe head liberal propaganda. Come back to this debate when you’ve purged yourself of your liberal brainwashing. #unbanthebiblefromschools #endliberalbrainwashing #MAGA #godemporertrump #wakeupsheeple #cannabis #bigpharma #killary #democraps #boycottliberalmedia #obummer #anonymous #anonymiss #getcucked


      • I see you’ve clocked-in for the day. I’m getting other comments at this very moment from your various other usernames. Clever comments here. I’ll approve them so that others can see how you operate. Actually, I really like the look of my blog, and I like its simplicity too.


    • Hi there “Flat Earth Truth”! Could you point me to your website or blog that I’m sure you have put a lot of time and effort into so that I might partake of your wisdom? I want to try my hardest to not “make us look bad” anymore, and I’m sure you can really help me with that. Thanks so much in advance 🙂


    • I ask again, can you point me to your “not-pathetic-HTML-CSS” blog or website so that I can possibly share in your wisdom? I like to learn things…


      • Flat Earth Truth

        I apologize for not being able to sit by my computer all day waiting for a response from some communist libtard Obama supporter. I’m not quite sure what other usernames you’re referring to. For all I know, you could be making these comments (if they even exist). It wouldn’t be the first time a globalist has made accounts pretending to be me to discredit me. Maybe this comment will expose how you operate.


  4. TheGovernmentIsCorrupt

    Wow, Flat Earth Truth. You truly are a corrupt idiot. Stop trying to sound smart because you don’t know what you are talking about. You are a corrupt person spreading your lies.


  5. alwaysinvestigating

    Frankly, I am glad for any and all posts online that make us re-think what we have been taught. The truth is always going to be the truth, and if we find out that some of what we have been told all of our lives happens to be a lie, it matters not how we find out.

    It saddens me that so many people post comments for the sore purpose of criticism. How about if we all lay down our petty differences, and band together for the sake of “The Truth”?


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