The History of Flat Earth (Video by Eric Dubay)

Is Eric Dubay a genuine truth-seeker? Or is he a disinformation agent? This is a question that I’m sure bugs a lot of people who become interested in the flat earth subject. There are many differing opinions out there, and I myself have gone back and forth on the matter. Is it possible that the flat earth subject became popular on the internet, and Dubay was the “agent in place” ready to lead the movement? Yes, it’s possible. Remember that Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves,” a quote that Dubay happens to repeat often.

It’s hard to know when you all you have to judge by is what you see on the internet. I’m not a big fan of his rap videos or his in-your-face vegetarianism videos, which is a philosophy that I’m all for. But one thing in favor of Dubay being genuine is that his flat earth videos and other material is always right on the mark. This video below entitled “History of Flat Earth” is probably the best truth video I’ve ever seen. Everything presented in this video is simple common sense… common sense that we have almost lost contact with and forgotten. This video blows the lid off of the greatest lie in the history of mankind. If you’re interested in learning the truth, you owe it to yourself to watch this…


5 thoughts on “The History of Flat Earth (Video by Eric Dubay)

  1. I have an important question for your website. You say you question everything so I want to know your opinion on Chem Trails?


    • My opinion is that airplanes — whether they are passenger jets or military style planes — are spraying the skies with something, and whatever it is they are spraying can’t be good. All I know is that I will see crystal clear blue skies in the morning, then I see some trails go by, and pretty soon the trails spread out, covering the entire sky, and suddenly the crystal clear blue is gone and replaced by a sort of white foggy haze. I have a friend who lived in Montana who said that he almost never saw a chem trail there, and that the sky was so bright blue that it was almost hard to look at.


  2. Your “History of Flat Earth” video (above) has been removed. Did you realize that?


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