Did you know that there’s no such thing as “outer space”?

This meme below inspired me to make this post. There is no such thing as the “outer space” that we have been conditioned to believe in by charlatans who claim to be scientists. A “scientist” is someone who records data taken from direct observation, not someone who makes assumptions, then calls those assumptions facts, and uses that so-called fact as the basis for more and more so-called facts and theories.

Space Fraud

Observe this video below of a supposedly successful rocket launch. This is the very first video I chose, and it does exactly what the meme above depicts, which is that after initial launch, the rocket slowly goes horizontal, and then you can actually see it tilt back down. Yes… down, not up.

And then at about the 2:12 mark there is a convenient video edit that cuts to a view of the rocket showing a curved earth, but it is likely a fish-eye lens that bends the image. If you’re a flat earther, you already know that they use fish-eye lenses all the time to try to fool us into believing that we are seeing curvature.

Note the official-sounding conversation we’re hearing of the “scientists” and “technicians” who are overseeing this immensely important asteroid probe launch (what a joke that is). And note also that this launch is at night — could this be so that it isn’t so obvious that the rocket is just making a giant parabola and then coming back down into the ocean?

“What goes up, must come down”… sing it!


8 thoughts on “Did you know that there’s no such thing as “outer space”?

  1. Yes, the most logical reasoning for why ‘outer space’ does not exist is to rely on real science where the rule is ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’. A simple real-life experiment shows how vacuum suction can overcome ‘gravity’ and pull things up. If there were this vacuum-like outer space, all the Earth’s atmospheric gases would be suck out in a flash. This simple truth alone destroys the entire fake astronomy pseudo-science propping up Globe Earth nonsense.

    Good work on exposing the Flat Earth truth. Beware of JWO/Freemason agents who are trying to subvert this world-wide awakening. They know and are suppressing the hidden truths on FE and so are powerfully positioned to mislead this FE movement using ridicule and sophisticated mind-games.


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  3. Hey, if I want to cheer myself up on a down day, I can think about all the people who STILL believe we’re flying around on a giant basketball that spins, wobbles and revolves around a larger ball that flies even faster through infinite “space”.

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