Flat Earth Perspectives Q&A Interview

I was contacted by a Spanish journalist who wanted to interview me about Flat Earth. He sent me some questions, which I answered, but it appears that he probably will not use my answers in his article.

Since I don’t want to have completely wasted my time, I thought I would post this little Q&A here on the blog…

May I ask you your sex/age?

I am a male, age 40.

Have you a university degree?

Yes, I have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

What is your daily job?

I work for a small non-profit organization in the Western United States.

When did you start with your blog?

I started my blog, entitled Flat Earth Perspectives, in February of 2016. I don’t consider it to be anything special. I’m just an ordinary guy trying my best to present this information.

Why did you launch it?

That’s a good question. When I first started looking into this “Flat Earth” issue, there were so many pieces of evidence and ideas out there that I found it difficult to organize all of them in my own head. And so I started my blog to help me organize my thoughts on the subject and to help me understand them. After a person discovers the flat earth ideas, even though there might be an instant sensing that you are finally seeing or hearing the truth, it still does take a while for the ideas to sink in because of all the past globe-earth conditioning. Although the blog currently has a pretty good amount of information, it is far from being a complete Encyclopedia of the flat earth topic. There is still much more to cover. I also launched the blog so that others might learn of this.

You told me in our email exchange, “One is considered insane for even considering Flat Earth, and yet it happens to be the truth”? Have you experienced this sort of backlash?ae-equidistant-projection-flat-earth

Yes, I have witnessed and experienced the ridicule that people have toward the subject of “flat earth.” Although I have not really been attacked personally or called “insane” directly, I have watched the reactions of people around me when the idea is brought up. Most people consider the subject to be completely ridiculous, not far from believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. I also thought Flat Earth was ridiculous before I started to look into it. The subject is intensely ridiculed and there is often even anger towards the idea. There is anger because people don’t want to even consider that they have been so thoroughly fooled, or that so many people that they previously trusted — so-called scientists, teachers, authority figures, etc. — have been purposefully lying or have been fooled themselves.

Do you speak your views on this subject with the people around you (family, friends…)?

Yes, I have spoken to a couple of family members and several friends about the subject. In general I do not speak about it because it is such a touchy subject, but I have introduced the topic to people who I have known to be willing to question what they have learned. After you discover flat earth, it is hard to keep it to yourself, and so you feel compelled to share with at least one other person. In general, the people who I have talked to have been able to consider the evidence with an open mind, but I leave it to them to draw their own conclusions.

Could you explain briefly what is the main idea regarding the earth that you present in your blog?

earthsI guess the main idea is that humanity has been lied to for centuries about the shape of the Earth, and that there is not one shred of physical, experiential, scientific, empirical evidence that the Earth is a sphere — all that globe earth theory has are fake images and outlandish, unproven theories. Meanwhile, there are hundreds upon hundreds of common sense, observable flat earth “proofs” that blow the ball-earth theory out of the water. It is all a matter of overcoming a lifetime of conditioning. I had to overcome it as well. But once you begin to break out of the conditioning, a whole lot of things about the current state of our world begin to make much more sense. The globe-earth deception is the biggest hoax of all time. It is a wide-ranging subject that effects more aspects of our lives than most people would imagine. It’s about more than just “the shape of the earth.”

What is the basis that you have to justify that earth is flat?

This is a difficult question to answer in just a short paragraph or two or three. There are hundreds of what we call “flat earth proofs.” Some of these proofs are direct or circumstantial evidence that we live on a plane as opposed to a sphere. Others are proofs in the sense that they expose the ball-earth lies. For instance, if I am able to show that NASA is trying to pass off a computer generated image as a real photo, then that is a proof in the sense that it shows a government agency lying to people about the shape of the Earth. All true flat earth proofs appeal to common sense in my opinion. Here are a couple of my favorite proofs…

No matter how high you go up into the air in a plane or in a hot-air balloon, the distant horizon always rises to the eye-level of the observer, and it is always perfectly horizontally flat all 360 degrees around the observer, showing absolutely no curvature. If the Earth were a ball, then the horizon would not rise to eye-level, and at some point the observer would have to look down to see the horizon.

I think my favorite flat earth proof is that Polaris, also known as The North Star, never moves from it’s position above the North Pole. The North Star always remains stationary, and all of the other stars make circular paths around it. If it was as the mainstream theory says, that stars are all suns and that they have all been moving at incredible Star_trails_over_the_ESO_3.6-metre_telescopespeeds through space for millions of years, then how could The North Star remain stationary relative to our observation point, and how could all of our stars make the same circular path around The North Star night after night, year after year? In addition, if all of these so-called “suns” are supposedly moving outward into space, how would it be possible that all of the stars in all of the constellations would remain in the same relative positions to one another throughout the history of humanity? In other words, wouldn’t the constellations as we know them change their shapes? So this means that the stars are not suns, and they are not traveling through “outer space” like we have been told by “science.”

Another one of my favorite proofs is that the high Northern Latitudes and the high Southern Latitudes have drastically different kinds of animal and plant life, and therefore different climates. If the Earth were a ball, then the same relative Northern and Southern latitudes would have similar amounts of life because both poles of the ball earth would be exposed to the Sun the same amount of time as the Earth revolves around the Sun in space. The actual fact is that high Southern latitudes have surprisingly little life, it is very desolate… while the Northern latitudes are surprisingly vibrant with life, with a longer period of relatively warm Summer than most people think.

When was the first time you heard or read about this?

The first time I heard about flat earth theory was about 18 months ago when I ran across it on the internet. I was investigating another hoax on someone’s website, and I noticed that he kept referring to flat earth. At first I laughed at it just like most people. Then for some reason — I can’t remember why, maybe just for a laugh? — I looked into the material he was presenting and I was blown away by the evidence. I knew I was seeing the truth, and yet still I was thinking to myself, “Am I crazy?” This is one reason why you feel compelled to tell others about this… just to make sure you’re not the only one who can see it.

How do you explain that the majority of people think that they know that the earth is a spheroid?

I have covered that a little bit already in a previous answer, but most people believe that they live on a ball-earth because they have been bombarded with ball-earth propaganda since the moment they were born — globes in the classroom, images from NASA, the Universal Studios trademark… it’s endless. It is very difficult to convince someone to take a look at evidence that is contrary to something that they believe so strongly, especially if it means that they have been duped. People don’t want to believe that they are so easily duped. People also don’t want to believe that there are those who could be so evil that they would deceive all of humanity for their own ends. Most people who believe that the Earth is a sphere probably could not tell you why they believe it… they would probably say something like, “Well, I’ve seen the pictures of the ball Earth from space. Of course it’s a globe.” But what they don’t know is that all of those images of a globe Earth are faked. Every last one of them.


8 thoughts on “Flat Earth Perspectives Q&A Interview

  1. The Shadow Master of the New World Order

    Flat Earth Perspectives, you’re the only person who can see this. You know too much. Cease your investigations immediately, otherwise we have no choice but to send the reptilians to dispose of you.


    • Score:
      Me being interviewed about flat earth: 1
      You being interviewed about anything: 0


    • Well constellations do change positions.. but it takes time.. just watch the movie about the great pyramid of Giiza and you’ll know that in 11000 years since the pyramids where built.. it has indeed shifted. Are you just spitting out suggestions that you know nothing about? That’s a stupid way to try to convince some.. I’ll demonstrate a good way to convince someone.. Try travelling with a high speed aircraft and you will delay the sunset.. you can actually watch it set twice in the same flight.. Proving the earth to be round.. also.. depending on what atlas you have in school (depending on where you live, since you often put your own country in the middle).. With our atlas (Sweden) you can try going from Russia to Alaska (Two countries at each side of the world map) by boat and you’ll see that you can reach them in less than a day.. Which also proves the earth to be round.. You can also try collecting a series of pictures of the sky at different countries at different times of the day.. OR just watch the temperature readings from various cities at different times a day and you’ll very soon notice how the sun moves AROUND the globe (ok, we actually spin.. but it feels like it rotates around us)..
      People who think the earth is flat doesn’t recognize the hard work that previous generations has put into science.. In a time when the church were our greatest enemy.. Now you salute even more idiotic ideas.. probably generated by ISIS.. It’s not even important if the earth is flat or if we have landed on the moon or not… The important thing is that we as a human race learns how to work together.. building bridges.. and eradicating wars and suffering.. this can only be done by working together.. By exploring space for example millions of people from different nationalities come together and learn about their comrades.. creating peace… The other is also true.. By denying what we have learnt and by breaking cooperation just because you don’t believe in something.. that is what causes separation.. wars.. suffering.. and humans will start to backward evolve.. perhaps that is what ISIS wants.. But surely that is not what you want.. is it? To just have to believe in what someone else says is true.. God.. different gods.. different religions.. who knows what is the ultimate truth in the end? The world is full of so called “wise men” who think they have the answer… Let’s just work together and find out that answer for ourselves.. Don’t let ISIS win.. This stupidity began when ISIS hit the Web.. it is their fault.. their stupid believes.. Earth is not flat.. But if you don’t believe that.. then just find out for yourself!… Right now.. the earth is a free place to explore what you want… however.. it might not always remain like that.. Not if we let religion decide instead of global cooperation.. Peace


      • Because you watched a movie about the Great Pyramids of Giza doesn’t prove that the constellations have shifted. Apparently you will swallow anything. Have you ever considered that the same people who lie about the globe earth might also make a movie and lie about the Great Pyramids of Giza? Let me go on record as saying that I don’t believe a word you have said. ISIS doesn’t exist by the way, and you know it. You’re “work together” sentimental baloney made me throw up in my mouth.


  2. It’s interesting that your first favourite proof is “the horizon always rises to eye level” – how have you measured this? What is your evidence for that?

    It’s a good one, since it’s so easy for us to test for ourselves – and see that it isn’t true.


    • That’s not my favorite proof. My favorite proof is regarding the North Star, Constellations, etc. And there are others that I like more than the eye-level horizon. But Yes, I have been 30,000 feet up in an “airplane,” and I have observed with my own eyes that the horizon rises to my eye level… and not only that, it is at eye level for everyone on the plane, all 360 degrees around the observer. The earth is a flat plane, possibly infinite, which to me is much more amazing than a round ball.


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