A Compilation of Real Videos of Stars and the Wandering Stars (aka Planets)

Here is a compilation of real people taking real videos of the stars and of the planets, which were called the “wandering stars” in the past.

A lot of these videos are taken with the Nikon P900 video camera, which as far as I know has the strongest zoom capabilities available on the market to the public.

It should be clear to anyone who is willing to break out of their conditioning that these stars are not burning Suns quadrillions of miles away.

For one thing, if a star was really 642.5 “light years” away, which is  3.77702e+15 miles, — which is how far away “scientists” and “astronomers” say Betelgeuse is (lol!) — how would it be possible to go from zero-zoom to the relative closeness that can be achieved with a simple Nikon P900 zoom camera? We would not be able to achieve such closeness if the stars were really that far away.

Heliocentrists have theorized that the star Sirius is 8.611 light years away, or 50.62 trillion miles away (lol again!). See below the first video in this collection. Sirius is not 50 trillion miles away (wow, I just chuckled again as I typed that insane number), and it is not a fire-y ball of nuclear reactions.

If this is your first time seeing a real video of stars and you feel amazed, weird, a little bit confused, a little bit angry, a sense that you have found something true, or maybe even a combination of all of these emotions and a whole lot more, then congratulations, you are having exactly the right reaction to this “new” (yet ancient and timeless), matrix-breaking discovery.

What are these stars? Who knows… They are an incredible mystery, and part of the mystery is unraveling the lies we have been force-fed about what they really are.

We are supposed to explore our stars. Not through books written by liars, but with our own eyes.  They are closer than we realize. We’ve been taught to not look up, but instead to believe what has been forced down our throats without investigating for ourselves. No wonder the world is in the state that it’s in. And by the way, No, reading a book by Stephen Hawking or Bill Nye or Carl Sagan and swallowing everything in it is not “investigating for yourself.”

Enjoy this compilation of videos. Hopefully I will continue to add to the collection as I find them and as time allows…

The star Arcturus is purported to be 211 Trillion miles away, or 36.66 light years. You think someone could achieve this much of a relative zoom on an object that is hundreds of trillions of miles away with a Nikon Coolpix P900? Nope.