Take Back Your Power Smart Meter (and 5G) Documentary

This documentary below is called Take Back Your Power. It is about the worldwide rollout of so-called smart meters that are replacing regular analog meters that your power company uses to measure your power usage.

I am declaring – right now – that this might be the greatest documentary of all time. The reason I say that is because, to me, smart meters being forced down our throats without our consent (or with our passive consent – whatever way you want to look at it) is the New World Order pushing the “attack” button.

So a documentary that wakes people up to  something that may be affected their lives right now gets my vote as an all-time great. This is what a documentary is for, isn’t it? The film even provides action items that we can all do to stand up for ourselves and for human dignity.

These smart meters, as well as 5G, are an affront to humanity, and they are being installed in our homes as I write this. Watch this documentary, and then spread it far and wide…

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Antarctic Ice Wall Around the Circumference of the Earth

Photos of the Antarctic Ice Wall that Surround the Earth (There is No Such Thing as a South Pole)

Below is a compilation of photos that are supposedly of the Antarctic ice wall that circles the circumference of the Earth.

I’ve seen a lot of semi-mainstream internet venues that attempt to debunk the ice wall using photos of glaciers that are pretty obviously — using just a tiny bit of critical thinking — from other places on the Earth. Yes, there are high ice walls and glaciers in the North, in the South, and I would guess in many places other than the Southern circumference. In many of these attempted-debunking photos you can see things like mountains and trees in the background, which tells me that they are not genuine photos of Antarctica. These are deliberate attempts to mislead and misrepresent the true Flat Earth model. Just because a place has ice and it looks cold does not mean it is Antarctica.

Because I don’t earn a million dollars interest per second from a billion dollar trust fund, and because I wouldn’t want to get shot due to the Antarctic Treaty (somehow warring nations can agree on an Antarctic Treaty?), I can’t travel to the outer ice wall to verify if these photos are really of Antarctica. This is the best I can do from my position. And to me, everything about this intelligently-created ice wall says, “Keep out. This is as far as you go”… not to mention the stormy Southern seas that seem to say the same thing. Meaning that maybe, and this is my opinion only, this is supposed to be the limit of how far we can go on this realm called Earth.

Antarctic Ice Wall Around the Circumference of the Earth




I’ll try to add more photos if I have time and if I can find more good ones.

It’s Far Worse Than You Can Imagine (Quote)

william-blum-e1475202653640-300x300“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is far worse than you can imagine.”

~ William Blum, Author, Historian, formerly employed by the U.S. State Department