Dinner at the Bohemian Grove, an innocent gather of the world's elite. Nothing to see here.

Simple Proof that Presidents of the United States are Selected, Not Elected

This photo of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan meeting at the Bohemian Grove is proof that United States Presidents are pre-chosen by the elite rather than fairly elected by the country’s population. This photo below is thought to have been taken in the summer of 1967. I have also seen it dated as taken in 1955.

Either that, or the fact that the future 37th president of the United States (Nixon) and the future 40th president of the United States (Reagan, an actor, mind you) happen to be sitting next to each other at an elitist Bohemian Grove meeting would have to be the most astronomical coincidence of all time, with odds of at least millions or billions to one, if we pretend for a split second that the voting process is not a fraud.

Presidents are selected by the elite, not elected by general population of commoners.

bohemian grove

Richard Nixon had this to say about the Bohemian Grove high Summer gatherings where they worship Moloch the Satanic Owl. (Just kidding. I’m sure these benevolent elitists all gather together to talk about how they can make the world a better place for everyone…)


“The Bohemian Grove – which I attend from time to time – it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.” ~ Richard Nixon, Selected as the 37th President of the United States

Normalization of Geoengineering, Chem Trails

Notes, takeaways and random thoughts while watching:

Often there are no natural clouds in the sky. We’ve been conditioned to see the spreading of chem trail sprays as natural cloud cover. You’re crazy if you think chem trails are real.

Government planning to experiment by putting particles into the stratosphere over Tuscon Arizona. They’re doing it without consent.

They admit that this could screw with biodiversity.

Video makes slight reference to Nazis being involved in this. I’m personally am not convinced that “Nazis” were or are involved. I see no evidence of this. Remember that history is written by the winners.

New York Times article admits, “There are risks, undeniably — some small, others potentially large and terrifying.” What? Then why do this? Oh, I know! To secretly poison the undesirables, while calling it a measure against climate change, which itself is a giant epic lie.

We’ve been living in a test for decades. A precedent has been set in a court of law that it is OK for the government to experiment on the population without informed consent.

1977 newspaper article headline says, “239 Germ Warfare Tests Were Staged in U.S.” That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about our betters in the government.

Grandson of a man who was killed in a test sued the government. He lost the case to the government.

General William Creasy said, “I would find it completely impossible to conduct such a test trying to obtain informed consent. I could not have hoped to prevent panic in the uninformed world in which we live in telling them that we were going to spread non-pathogenic particles over their community. 99% of the people wouldn’t know what pathogenic meant.” You arrogant POS. Is it hot down there?

CIA sprayed whooping cough over Tampa Bay, Florida in 1955. A dozen people died.

In 1966 federal agents crushed light bulbs containing billions of bacteria in the New York subway. They do experiments in the New York subway all the time.

They’re not asking if it’s OK to geo engineer to fight (fraudulent) climate change… they are telling you what they are doing. We are living in a test already.