YouTube to Start Censoring Flat Earth Videos (As if They Haven’t Already)

In a move to brings us all closer to British Intelligence agent George Orwell’s (aka: Eric Blair, in case you didn’t know) memory hole in his novel 1984, about a week or so ago YouTube blatantly announced that they will be putting more blocks up to combat “conspiracy” videos.

These troublesome videos include topics such as false miracle cures, outlandish 9/11 theories, and Yes, you guessed it, flat earth videos.

The reason for this is obvious: to prevent the truth from coming out. They don’t want people to know that cancer can be beaten and that you don’t need chemotherapy or prescription drugs. They don’t want you to know that 9/11 was a massive psy-op. And they don’t want you to know that the earth is flat. Why? Because flat earth is the key lynchpin that destroys brain washing and indoctrination.

If flat earth is such a ridiculous notion, then why would it need to be part of a gigantic censorship campaign?

And of course they offer no evidence to argue against these so-called conspiracies such as flat earth. They just need to use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to demonize the truth, a tactic that actually works for them very well unfortunately. Why? Because people would rather watch Maroon 6 perform at halftime at the Super Bowl than take some time and put forth some effort to actually take in all of the evidence.

Here’s a very good video on the subject. You better watch it before they take it down 🙂


4 thoughts on “YouTube to Start Censoring Flat Earth Videos (As if They Haven’t Already)

  1. “George Orwell’s (aka: Eric Blair,” Falls off chair in hysterics. George Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair, George Orwell was a pseudonym. Basic English may be but ot is indicative of your lack of detail and real knowledge.


  2. Yes, Michaels / Dubay had his videos taken down but that was for repeatedly ignoring warnings he was breaking the rules by uploading videos promoting hate and violence and had nothing to do with the FE, but he refused to take those videos down. So, after repeated warnings he was taken down.
    He then agreed not to upload those videos and his site was re-instated.
    Then the same happened again when he started uploading the same videos.
    So the truth is rather different isn’t it and your beliefs are risible


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