Videos of the Moon with My Nikon P900 Zoom Camera

Hey, folks. I finally got around to creating a channel and uploading some videos of the Moon. These videos were taken last Summer 2018 in my backyard with a Nikon P900 Camera, which has 83X zoom capability. I plan to upload many more as time allows, including some that I already have in the hopper of some stars and/or wandering stars (aka planets). Sorry about the shaky camera. I don’t work for National Geographic and I’m still learning about all the features on this camera.

Something that I think is a strong flat Earth proof that I never see anyone talk about is what I call relative zoom. If the Moon was truly 238,000 miles away, would I be able to go from the zoom strength that I start from, to the zoom strength that I end up on with an 83X zoom camera? I bet that if a person stood three miles away from me, the relative zoom would not be as dramatic as it is here with the Moon.

This alone is a major problem for the ball earthers. And if such relative zoom can be accomplished with the Moon, which is supposed “only” 238,000 miles away, then what about the relative zoom that is accomplished on stars that are supposedly burning suns trillions and quadrillions of miles away?


2 thoughts on “Videos of the Moon with My Nikon P900 Zoom Camera

  1. cool videos, however how does the fact that your camera can zoom in that close have anything to do with the earth being flat? it seemed like you were more questioning how far away the moon and stars are, which I don’t see how that relates to the earth being flat.


    • It relates to the Earth being flat because the official explanation from our “scientific” masters is that stars are billions and trillions of miles away. If that were actually the case, then I would not be able to achieve such close relative zoom with a x83 zoom camera that is available on the market to the general public. In other words, I would not be able to zoom in so close. This is a proof of flat Earth because it proves that the ball-Earth proponents are lying about what the stars are and how far away they are. Why would they lie about that?… To hide the fact that the Earth is an extended, if not infinite, plane. It’s flat.


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