I’m just someone looking for the truth about what my own two feet are standing on. I also want to know what other lies I’ve been told because I don’t like being lied to. I’ve gotten to the point where I can believe only what I can verify with my own senses and mind.

First we inevitably swallow lies — there’s almost no getting around that — and then though our own effort we have to discover that we’ve bamboozled, and then we start to gradually wake up.

Just a few things I have discovered in my own search…

  • The Earth is flat, or at the least very different from what we have been told since we were in the womb. Don’t feel frightened or uncomfortable about the idea of the Earth being a flat plane. Believe me, I was just like you in the beginning: Whenever I saw something online about Flat Earth, I immediately thought that I was seeing a controlled opposition tactic. But I found out that I had made the classic mistake of jumping to conclusions before taking a look at the evidence. And the evidence — when it is all put together — argues strongly against a curved, globe, ball Earth, and for a flat plane.
  • There has never been a trip to the Moon. Man has never walked on the Moon. The Moon is not a ball of terra firma that can be landed on.
  • There is a close marriage between NASA and Hollywood, both of which are rife with pedophiles.
  • 9/11 was of course an inside job, but not only that, I believe that there were no plane crashes that day (plane crashes were seen on TV only), and that the buildings may have been brought down by some kind of directed energy weapon. Take another look for yourself: oddly enough, the buildings didn’t actually come down “controlled demolition” style… they turned to dust in mid-air!
  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was supposed to have sparked the Vietnam War, never happened, or at the very least was a staged event. It was conjured out of thin air in order to justify starting the war. Many wars are started in a similar fake or staged fashion.
  • History is written by the winners. Which means that we have all been lied to about the so-called Holocaust.
  • Chemotherapy as a treatment for Cancer is a massive deception, and that there are probably many different kinds of cures and treatments, including the much-demonized Cannabis plant.
  • All of the most famous “mass shootings” and “terrorist attacks” that are covered by the mainstream media — Sandy Hook, the Paris Attack, Brussels, Orlando, the Boston Marathon “Bombing,” the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre — are all hoaxes in which it is likely that no one was killed. But even if real people actually are killed, at the very least the perpetrators of the crime are not who we have been told, and the media is of course complicit in the lie.
  • The terrorist group ISIS does not exist. It is a Hollywood-style fabrication.
  • Sir Henry Neville (1564 — 1615) is the true author of the “Shakespeare” plays and sonnets.
  • Hollywood and the mainstream music industry is run by bonafide satanists and pedophiles, and no celebrity is allowed to become rich and famous and a household name without having joined the club and taken an oath of loyalty.
  • I think there is a strong possibility that the Kennedy assassination was a giant hoax, and that the whole event was a scripted, staged, Hollywood-style event in the same vein as the Sandy Hook Hoax, and that John F. Kennedy did not die on November 22nd, 1963. It is possible that these kinds of hoaxes have been going on for hundreds of years, and also possibly includes the so-called Lincoln assassination, which has hardly ever been questioned, but has a nonsensical official story that is full of holes.

Well, there you go. I could go on and on, but that’s it for now. Hope you find the posts on this blog informative 🙂

Now with the wisdom of years, I try to reason things out.
And the only people I fear are those who never have doubts.
Save us all from arrogant men, and all the causes they’re for.
I will be righteous again. I’m not that sure anymore.
~ Billy Joel, Shades of Grey

Say a word out of line, you find out the friends you had are gone, forever. ~ Billy Joel, Say Goodbye to Hollywood

When there’s no one left to leave you, even you don’t quite believe you, that’s when nothing can deceive you. ~ Steve Winwood, While You See a Chance

Was it a millionaire who said “Imagine no possessions”? ~Elvis Costello, The Other Side of Summer

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. ~ Henry Neville, aka William Shakespeare

One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. ~ Henry Neville, aka William Shakespeare

Catching NASA and the powers that be in a ball earth lie is a flat earth proof. ~ Me

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  1. Hi FE Truther,
    Love your site, Keep up the good work!
    in solidarity with the Flat out Truth, wherever it leads.

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  2. believersofbible

    B”H All very interesting. But why is Eric Dubay claiming it’s all a zionist conspiracy. This is usually a telltale sign of a shill…..


  3. Dear responsible from this blog,
    I am a Spanish journailst. My name is Salvador.
    I would like to ask you if we could engage a private conversation. Where may I write you an e-mail ? Kind regards,


  4. Good job Sir! I completely agree with everything I have seen on this site and looking forward to checking it all out over time.


  5. I am what you may term as, “undecided.” I never condemn an idea no matter how preposterous it may seem against what I have believed to this point as truth. My one question, for now, is how does one explain the seasons and the sun rising in the east every day and setting in the west? Okay, maybe two questions: the heavenly bodies that can be observed from the earth’s surface that appear as circular, do you think of those as flat objects as well, or are they spheres? Okay, three questions: and if the latter, how, or perhaps more to the point, why, is our planet the lone exception to this? Thanks.

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    • Sorry, I don’t have time to answer these questions. Check out all of Eric Dubay’s videos on YouTube. They should answer just about every possible question.


      • “Sorry, I don’t have time to answer these questions.” Yet you somehow have the time to create this web page and its tremendous quantity of content.

        “Check out all of Eric Dubay’s videos on YouTube. They should answer just about every possible question” so you just believe what you are told. OK, thanks for telling us.


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