“The Flat Earth Conspiracy” Audiobook by Eric Dubay

Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions. We have been taught a falsehood so gigantic and diabolical that it has blinded us from our own experience and common sense, from seeing the world and the universe as they truly are.

Through pseudo-science books and programs, mass media and public education, universities and government propaganda, the world has been systematically brain-washed, slowly indoctrinated over centuries into the unquestioning belief of the greatest lie of all time.

Ball Earth Model Elliptical Orbit Defies All Common Sense

The ball Earth model that has us orbiting around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour also says that we are actually circling around the Sun in an elliptical orbit.

This means that on about January 3rd of every year we are approximately 91.34 million miles (147 million kilometers) distant from the Sun, and on about July 3rd of every year we are about 94.45 million miles (152 million kilometers) away from the Sun. Refer to the diagram above (or click here to see it), which comes from Wikipedia, which means that it has probably been approved by NASA.

If the balance of our ecosystem and atmosphere and seasons is so sensitive that a 23.5 degree tilt on our supposed axis is enough to cause these great differences in temperatures and changes of seasons that we see and experience on the Earth throughout the year… Then how in the world is it possible that a difference of over 3 million miles in proximity to the heat source itself doesn’t contribute to any discernable difference in temperature or seasons?

Not only that, but in the Northern Hemisphere on January 3rd it is what we call “Winter,” which — now listen up so-called scientists — means “lower temperatures”… and yet we are supposedly 3 million miles closer to the Sun. Yes, you read that correctly: 3 million miles.

When I am close to a fire that is in my fireplace, the temperature at the spot where I am standing is hotter than when I stand further away from the fire. It’s as simple as that. Make sense? New born babies can understand this concept. And what possible difference in temperature would the angle of my body make, if say I titled my body 23.5 degrees?

But according to the logic of this ball Earth model, the further you move away from the fire in your fireplace, the warmer you will be if you simply tilt your body 23.5 degrees.

If this elliptical orbit theory was suddenly sprung on you today for the first time, you would not believe it. You would call the person telling it to you a crackpot. But since the explanation for this seems to come from an authority — because “science” — most people swallow it up without even thinking. Here’s an article with a convoluted explanation that will make your head spin. The article at the following link conveniently anticipates your natural reaction that the elliptical orbit defies all common sense. And by the way, if you buy what this article is selling, you’re trusting someone named “Mary Lou Whitehorne,” just so you know. Who is this person? Why should I believe a word she says and not trust my own senses? They can keep their so-called “science” (which isn’t actually real science at all), and I’ll keep trusting my own senses: https://www.space.com/3304-earth-closest-sun-dead-winter.html

More Close-Up Videos of Stars and Venus

Here are four more videos of stars and what I think is Venus, taken with my Nikon Coolpix P900. These videos are nothing special. I’m not a professional photographer. But it’s clear to me that these celestial bodies are not hundreds of thousands, millions, billions, trillions or quadrillions of miles away…


Keep Your Shill Radar Up (A Quick Word About Gatekeepers)

If you’re not aware of the existence of shills and gatekeepers as you search for the truth about what really happens in the world, then you need to wise up and at least consider the possibility. Drop the notion of admiring people or having heroes, especially when it comes to so-called “truth researchers.”

Just in case you don’t know what a gatekeeper is, it is someone who deliberately tries to muddy the waters as it concerns the events that we see reported in today’s news and in history books, as well as so-called facts that we have always taken to be true but are actually false, including of course the flat Earth, gravity, the existence of dinosaurs, etc.

The point of a gatekeeper is to catch people who have discovered a certain amount of the truth on a subject, but then divert them from discovering the deepest root of the truth. A gatekeeper will reveal a certain amount of truth — some of which may be completely shocking — but then they will refuse to admit the possibility of a deeper deception — they refuse to go all the way. Unfortunately these gatekeepers are extremely effective, and have fooled a lot of genuine seekers.

In my opinion the two biggest no-no’s that gatekeepers will never touch are 1) the fact that the Earth is not a sphere, and 2) the possibility that the so-called holocaust is a massive deception and that Jews and their military intelligence cabal are directly responsible for an incredible amount of the world’s suffering (they are not the innocent, put-upon, persecuted group that they deceptively pretend to be).

If a “truth researcher” gets irate at you for questioning him, then be very suspicious. I understand how someone who is sincere can get upset at someone questioning his sincerity (which is something that has happened to me), because often a sincere researcher will put in a lot of work for absolutely no return — it’s a thankless job — but in the end, someone who is sincere has to understand the fact that other people might be suspicious of someone on the internet that they have never met.

For instance, right now I’m really loving the content produced by Miles Mathis. But I have to always keep in mind the possibility someone like him could be a gatekeeper. Mathis uses a lot of common sense in his writings and I love the way he thinks… However, he questions a lot of what NASA says, such as the moon landing, but yet denies the absolutely obvious, common sense fact that the Earth is a plane. This is very suspicious to me because in all of his work he is an expert at examining photos, and it is beyond me how he cannot see that every so-called photo that NASA puts out (as well as every other entity that declares that outer space is real) is fake. Mathis also denies the occult aspect of the world’s elite, claiming that to be a giant hoax, a rabbit hole utilized by military intelligence to deceive people.

I’m open to considering that theory, but I have to believe that a malevolent force is involved in the world’s evils in some way or another. Whether or not that means the elites are actually, physically practicing occult rituals is open to question I suppose. (Mathis does point out that Aliester Crowley was part of military intelligence. So it is possible that his whole occult persona was manufactured and is false. But I would say that it is possible that Crowley was military intelligence — which he was — AND he was a dark occult practitioner at the same time… that is my “take”).

So it should be clear that I’m not saying that I don’t still like Miles Mathis. I’m just saying that my shill radar has to remain up and running and I have to always remain open to consider the possibility that the person I am listening to or whose work I’m reading is a possible gatekeeper, especially when I don’t know that him or her personally.

Plus, even if someone is a gatekeeper, I don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water. If a gatekeeper is actually doing his or her job well, he or she will reveal a certain amount of good information that is true that I can take in and consider. If they didn’t lure people in with common sense truth at the start, then they wouldn’t be able to fool anyone. But as I mentioned earlier, what a good gatekeeper will do is stop short of going all the way to reveal the man behind the curtain and try to divert attention away from the true rabbit hole.

Multi-Colored Twinkling Star Footage Taken with a Nikon Coolpix P900

This is probably the best video I have taken of a star to this point with my Nikon P900. This star change and morphs into all kinds of different colors. I think it’s interesting to pause the video at different points to see what color the star is at the moment.

Is this a burning ball of nuclear reaction 900,000,000,000,000,000 miles away? I don’t think so. What is it, then? I couldn’t tell you, but I’ve made up my mind that it’s not a distant sun.

Videos of the Moon with My Nikon P900 Zoom Camera

Hey, folks. I finally got around to creating a channel and uploading some videos of the Moon. These videos were taken last Summer 2018 in my backyard with a Nikon P900 Camera, which has 83X zoom capability. I plan to upload many more as time allows, including some that I already have in the hopper of some stars and/or wandering stars (aka planets). Sorry about the shaky camera. I don’t work for National Geographic and I’m still learning about all the features on this camera.

Something that I think is a strong flat Earth proof that I never see anyone talk about is what I call relative zoom. If the Moon was truly 238,000 miles away, would I be able to go from the zoom strength that I start from, to the zoom strength that I end up on with an 83X zoom camera? I bet that if a person stood three miles away from me, the relative zoom would not be as dramatic as it is here with the Moon.

This alone is a major problem for the ball earthers. And if such relative zoom can be accomplished with the Moon, which is supposed “only” 238,000 miles away, then what about the relative zoom that is accomplished on stars that are supposedly burning suns trillions and quadrillions of miles away?

YouTube to Start Censoring Flat Earth Videos (As if They Haven’t Already)

In a move to brings us all closer to British Intelligence agent George Orwell’s (aka: Eric Blair, in case you didn’t know) memory hole in his novel 1984, about a week or so ago YouTube blatantly announced that they will be putting more blocks up to combat “conspiracy” videos.

These troublesome videos include topics such as false miracle cures, outlandish 9/11 theories, and Yes, you guessed it, flat earth videos.

The reason for this is obvious: to prevent the truth from coming out. They don’t want people to know that cancer can be beaten and that you don’t need chemotherapy or prescription drugs. They don’t want you to know that 9/11 was a massive psy-op. And they don’t want you to know that the earth is flat. Why? Because flat earth is the key lynchpin that destroys brain washing and indoctrination.

If flat earth is such a ridiculous notion, then why would it need to be part of a gigantic censorship campaign?

And of course they offer no evidence to argue against these so-called conspiracies such as flat earth. They just need to use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to demonize the truth, a tactic that actually works for them very well unfortunately. Why? Because people would rather watch Maroon 6 perform at halftime at the Super Bowl than take some time and put forth some effort to actually take in all of the evidence.

Here’s a very good video on the subject. You better watch it before they take it down 🙂

Antarctic Ice Wall Around the Circumference of the Earth

Photos of the Antarctic Ice Wall that Surround the Earth (There is No Such Thing as a South Pole)

Below is a compilation of photos that are supposedly of the Antarctic ice wall that circles the circumference of the Earth.

I’ve seen a lot of semi-mainstream internet venues that attempt to debunk the ice wall using photos of glaciers that are pretty obviously — using just a tiny bit of critical thinking — from other places on the Earth. Yes, there are high ice walls and glaciers in the North, in the South, and I would guess in many places other than the Southern circumference. In many of these attempted-debunking photos you can see things like mountains and trees in the background, which tells me that they are not genuine photos of Antarctica. These are deliberate attempts to mislead and misrepresent the true Flat Earth model. Just because a place has ice and it looks cold does not mean it is Antarctica.

Because I don’t earn a million dollars interest per second from a billion dollar trust fund, and because I wouldn’t want to get shot due to the Antarctic Treaty (somehow warring nations can agree on an Antarctic Treaty?), I can’t travel to the outer ice wall to verify if these photos are really of Antarctica. This is the best I can do from my position. And to me, everything about this intelligently-created ice wall says, “Keep out. This is as far as you go”… not to mention the stormy Southern seas that seem to say the same thing. Meaning that maybe, and this is my opinion only, this is supposed to be the limit of how far we can go on this realm called Earth.

Antarctic Ice Wall Around the Circumference of the Earth




I’ll try to add more photos if I have time and if I can find more good ones.

Pictures of the Moon with the Nikon Coolpix P900

nikonI just recently bought a Nikon Coolpix P900, which 83x Zoom capability. I am not very good at using it yet, but I have captured some good shots of the Moon. I have also taken some good videos of Stars, which I hope to upload onto YouTube soon and share on this blog.

I don’t think I would be able to zoom in so closely with an 83x zoom camera if the Moon was actually 238,000 away. But even if you pretend that IS possible for just a second, you can’t possibly believe that such a relative zoom can be accomplished with Stars that are quadrillions and quadrillions of miles away. And by the way they don’t look like Suns to me. Again, I hope to upload my Star videos soon, but for now check out this post here containing a collection of Star videos from different people using the Nikon P900: Click here.

For now, here’s the Moon at varying degrees of zoom…


Disney Presents: NASA on Thin Ice | Buzz Aldrin and the Masonic Moon (Video by ODD Reality)

This guy, ODD Reality, creates excellent videos. I’ve personally gone back and forth as to whether he is genuine or some kind of controlled opposition, and I’m not a fan of his music nor of rap music in general, but this is a great video packed full of insights and sound bites that are undeniable proof of NASA lies, and therefore of the long-standing flat Earth cover-up, which is the entire reason for NASA’s existence in the first place.