Scientific Confusion By Design

NASA and those interested parties who perpetuate the ball earth lie present gigantic, nonsensical, ridiculous mathematical equations as so-called “proof” of their theories. And even if these enormous equations actually do work out mathematically speaking (and that’s a big if), that doesn’t prove that it has any relation whatsoever to reality. A person can use a mathematical equation to prove anything, no matter how fantastic, and no matter how much it flies in the face of actual, tangible, visible experience.

They want people to think, “Oh, there’s a mathematical equation that I can”t possibly understand, so whatever they’re saying must be true. I’ll leave it to them to figure out how the world works. They clearly know what they’re doing, and there’s no way that I can understand it for myself, so I’ll rely on the experts to tell me. And scientists are our friends. There’s no way that a ‘scientist’ would ever lie about anything. Ever.” How do I know that this is how they want people to think? Because I used to think this way!

Scientific Indoctrination


2 thoughts on “Scientific Confusion By Design

  1. HAHAHAAA!!! I had spoke to my husband about making up my own equation and passing it off as debunking gravity or the globe earth!


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