George Bernard Shaw on the Flat Earth (Quote)

George Bernard Shaw“In the Middle Ages people believed that the earth was flat, for which they had at least the evidence of their senses: we believe it to be round, not because as many as one percent of us could give the physical reasons for so quaint a belief, but because modern science has convinced us that nothing that is obvious is true, and that everything that is magical, improbable, extraordinary, gigantic, microscopic, heartless, or outrageous is scientific.”

~ George Bernard Shaw, Author, Playwright (1856-1950)


The “World Health Organization” Logo is a Flat Earth Map

Just a quick update to my blog post here which showed that the official logos of “respected” organizations are Flat Earth Maps: I found another one…

The World Health Organization’s official logo also contains a Flat Earth Map. So that you can see that I’m not making this up, here is a link to the WHO’s Official Website, where you can see the logo at the top. Here below is the logo:

World Health Organization Logo Flat Earth

Dr. Auguste Piccard’s Record-Breaking Balloon Flights

Dr. Auguste Piccard

“(The Earth) seemed a flat disc with an upturned edge.” ~ Dr. Auguste Piccard (1884 – 1962), Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, on his return from his 1931 record-setting balloon flight of about 15.8 miles.

Piccard made a total of twenty-seven balloon flights, finally reaching a then-record altitude of 23 miles. Wikipedia oddly enough (sarcasm) does not mention his description of the shape of the Earth.

I watched a video on YouTube that went into the occult symbolism in Star Wars and Star Trek, and how those two popular series are first and foremost meant for ball-earth propaganda. And just to covertly laugh at us — the dumb sheeple — as they often do, the name they chose for the captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Next Generation was Captain Piccard.

They know full well that the Earth is a flat, motionless plane.

Time-Lapse Video of Star Trails Circling Polaris (The North Star)

Use your own brain for a second… if the North Star (and all other stars) were distant suns, then it would be impossible for the North Star to never move — and for all of the other stars to forever follow perfect circular paths around the immovable North Star.

Even the person who made and posted this video below doesn’t understand that the phenomena shown in his video is only possible on a motionless Earth with a motionless North Star, with everything being within the Earth’s own system. Nikola Tesla said that the Earth is not a planet, and would more appropriately be called a “realm.”

The Horizon Rises to Eye-Level No Matter How High You Go

Watch this video which shows the evidence that the horizon rises to the viewer’s eye-level perspective regardless of height. Not only that, but the horizon is flat and at eye-level for all 360 degrees around the viewer. That could not happen on a ball earth. It’s that simple. There is no opinion in this video… just observable facts. I don’t see how anyone could refute this.

Nikola Tesla on the Limitations of So-Called “Science” (Quote)

Nikola Tesla on "Science"

Nikola Tesla“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

~ Nikola Tesla, Inventor and Electrical Engineer (1856-1943)

How can there be “outer space” with no atmosphere?

I don’t even know “science’s” official (false) explanation of how this is possible (and I really don’t care to hear it)… I like to use my own common sense… How is it possible that the Earth can have an atmosphere, and then suddenly at some point high in air, it turns into the perfect vacuum of “space”?

How can there be atmosphere… atmosphere… atmosphere… and then suddenly no atmosphere. It’s not possible. There would have to be some kind of solid membrane to separate the two. Isn’t the vacuum of space supposed to suck any atmosphere into it? We’ve all seen it depicted in science fiction movies (note the word fiction), where the space ship outer door is opened and everything is sucked into this vacuum of space.

There’s also the question of so-called “gravity” (which by the way also does not exist, at least as the magical force that we have been conditioned to believe in that explains everything). Imagine an “astronaut” going into “space.” How could there be gravity in which the astronaut is pulled down towards the Earth, and then suddenly at some point he enters the weightlessness of space? In other words, where is this magical point in which one would feel the pulled down towards the Earth, and then switch to weightlessness in which people and objects can float around like magic? Weight… weight… weight… weight… and then “ahhhh”… weightlessness. It doesn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t the Earth’s so-called gravity continue to pull on you even when you reached space? Does the vacuum of space somehow cancel gravity, at least for fake astronauts? How can there be sudden weightlessness? Wouldn’t it be a very gradual movement towards “relative” weightlessness as you move further and further away from the large mass of Earth?

The real answer is that there is no “outer space,” at least in the way we have been brought up to think about it. As I’ve stated in previous posts, the only (false) evidence we have ever seen of the proof of outer space has come from NASA or in Hollywood movies. It’s science fiction.

Here are just a few of the many implications of this:

  • Sorry, but Star Wars isn’t possible. There are no other “galaxies” as we have been told. The Earth is a realm with its own firmament, and that’s it.
  • Aliens or extra-terrestrial life from other planets do not exist.
  • Nobody walked on the Moon because the Moon is not a spherical object in “space” that one can walk on.
  • Nothing has ever been launched into “space,” including space shuttles and satellites.
  • There is no “International Space Station” orbiting the Earth in “space.” Everything you’ve seen regarding the ISS is fake, a hoax.
  • The other so-called planets are not millions of miles away in “space.” They are in our own firmament.

Please show me one non-NASA, non-Hollywood, non-theoretical proof/evidence that “outer space” actually exists. It can’t be done because there isn’t any evidence.

The more you consider these things, the more the conditioning will wear off, and the more obvious it will become to you that all of this globe-earth stuff has been one enormous hoax.


10 Flat Earth Facts to Tell Your Friends

Here are 10 easy to understand facts that might work well as a conversation starter to anyone who you think could be interested in this, one of the biggest conspiracies of all time. However, if you tell your friends these facts, they might not want to be friends anymore.

But in my opinion, anyone who already believes that the moon landings were fake are very good candidates for being able to at least listen to flat earth ideas. That said, I do have friends who believe the moon landings were a hoax, and that NASA is a complete joke, but yet would have a very hard time taking-in flat earth information. So just imagine how hard it is to talk to someone who thinks we did land on the moon and that NASA is great!

When I say “Flat Earth Facts,” this includes facts about the real nature of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, as well as pointing out the non-sensical absurdities of the globe-earth theory and the lies we have been told, all for the purpose of deceiving us about the nature of the Earth.

Anyway, here are 10 irrefutable facts that should at least make people think…

  1. Moonlight is a cooling light, and is therefore must be some kind of light source of its own. If the Moon is not giving off its own light, then why does its fullness or lack thereof affect people? Why do Moon phases affect crops and farming? Why does Moonlight affect fire differently than Sunlight?
  2. The North Star Polaris has never moved from it’s position above the North Pole, and it never will. And all of the other stars in the sky revolve around the North Star. How is this possible if everything in the (so called) universe is forever rotating, orbiting, and constantly moving further out into space in different directions?
  3. We never see the so-called “dark side of the moon.” Why? Because a dark side does not exist because it is not a ball in so-called “space.” If you want a laugh, look up for yourself “science’s” explanation for why we never see the “dark side.”
  4. To the naked eye, the Sun and the Moon are the same size.
  5. As you increase in altitude in an airplane, a hot air balloon, or some other aircraft, the distant horizon always stays at eye level no matter how high you go. Not only that, it stays at eye level in all 360-degrees around you! Think about it.
  6. The official United Nations logo is a Flat Earth map. Also using flat earth maps as their logo are the International Civil Aviation Organization, The International Maritime Organization, and The World Meteorological Organization.
  7. There has never been a North-South circumnavigation of the “globe”? Why? It is not possible because the Earth is not a ball, and therefore there is no such thing as a “south pole.”
  8. Space shuttle and satellite launches always make giant parabolas in the sky, and even appear to the naked eye to come back down to the earth.
  9. The Northern Latitudes and the Southern Latitudes have drastically different kinds of animal and plant life. If the Earth were a ball, then the Northern and Southern Latitudes would have similar amounts of life. The fact is that Southern Latitudes have surprisingly little life, while the North is surprisingly lush.
  10. Neil Armstrong’s strange behavior and lack of willingness to do interviews for most of his life following his “One small step for man…” If he’s so interested in this “giant leap for mankind,” then why wouldn’t he do interviews? Being one in a handful of people to have ever stepped foot on the Moon, shouldn’t he feel compelled to make himself available for questions? He never stepped on the Moon. He knew his life was one gigantic lie, and he knew the lie couldn’t hold up to scrutiny. Therefore, avoid interviews. I would guess that his guilty conscience at being part of the deception ate away at him until the day he died.

I’ve decided to add a comment that I made below as an addendum to this post:

I have seen comments saying that #1 on my list about Moonlight being a “cooling” light may not be true. Truth is that I have not proven this one conclusively through my own experimentation using temperature-taking instruments. I have simply seen this “proof” on the internet, and through my own experience I can say that the moonlight does feel cool. Those “debunkers” and “shills” who claim that a cooling Moonlight can’t be proven ironically can’t disprove it themselves… meaning, they can’t prove conclusively that the Moonlight isn’t a cooling light. You see, these debunkers are just like every other average Joe in that they don’t have access to expensive equipment (nor the time, nor the know-how) to do controlled scientific experiments, but yet they make it sound like they know for sure.

Nevertheless, if it does ever prove to be untrue (that the Moonlight is a cooling light), which I don’t believe it will be, it does not in any way disprove or discredit the literally hundreds of other flat earth proofs and pieces of evidence that clearly exist and can’t be debunked (unless you rely on special-interest-so-called-science over your own common sense). So I advise to not get hung up on any one proof that might be in dispute or controversial. And remember that the people who do get hung up on one proof are either 1) globe-heads who just refuse to let go of their indoctrinated beliefs, or 2) deliberate shills whose job it is to cast seeds of doubt.

On the Limitations of Science (Quote)

Kinder-Max-Planck-Diesem-Physiker-ging-ein-wichtiges-Licht-auf1_image_630_420f“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

~ Max Planck, German Physicist (1858-1947)