Fake SpaceX Launch of Roadster into “Space”

Look, even if you don’t want to see that the Earth is a plane and not a sphere, I urge you to at least not believe this Elon Musk hoax. This video shows that they had a green-screen CGI glitch as the roadster was cruising through space over the Earth.

And Yes, that crowd that you see there cheering is part of the hoax, intended to cement the illusion. Either they are paid actors… or they are genuine useful idiots who believe that they are witnessing a real launch… or a combination of both (this one gets my vote).


The History of Flat Earth (Video by Eric Dubay)

Is Eric Dubay a genuine truth-seeker? Or is he a disinformation agent? This is a question that I’m sure bugs a lot of people who become interested in the flat earth subject. There are many differing opinions out there, and I myself have gone back and forth on the matter. Is it possible that the flat earth subject became popular on the internet, and Dubay was the “agent in place” ready to lead the movement? Yes, it’s possible. Remember that Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves,” a quote that Dubay happens to repeat often.

It’s hard to know when you all you have to judge by is what you see on the internet. I’m not a big fan of his rap videos or his in-your-face vegetarianism videos, which is a philosophy that I’m all for. But one thing in favor of Dubay being genuine is that his flat earth videos and other material is always right on the mark. This video below entitled “History of Flat Earth” is probably the best truth video I’ve ever seen. Everything presented in this video is simple common sense… common sense that we have almost lost contact with and forgotten. This video blows the lid off of the greatest lie in the history of mankind. If you’re interested in learning the truth, you owe it to yourself to watch this…

AIDS Fraud: The Moon Landing of the Medical Industrial Complex (Video)

I have long suspected that the HIV/AIDS epidemic was/is a complete and utter hoax. I know I’m not alone or unique in having those thoughts. It turns out that the whole thing is most likely one gigantic fraud perpetrated on humanity.

Ask yourself honestly: Have you ever personally known anyone, or known anyone who knew anyone, who had HIV or AIDS? I know I haven’t. I just know that I saw it on television and in movies, and I was terrified of it in the late 80’s and early 90’s just like everyone else.

And how much was Magic Johnson paid to be a part of this fraud? Was he promised a tropical island of his own? He sure does look fat, happy and healthy 25 or 30 years after he supposedly acquired this deadly disease.

This video below, presented by “The Curious Life of a Flat Earther,” contains some interviews with medical doctors and experts on the subject. One thing they talk about is that the drug they give to people who have “tested positive” for HIV is actually the thing that leads to AIDS, which as best as I understand it is the breaking-down of the immune system. They also talk about how the test itself for HIV is completely vague and unreliable in the first place.

I have also always wondered about the legitimacy of this so-called extreme AIDS epidemic that we have been told for years is sweeping through Africa… and yes, my suspicions about that being a hoax are confirmed in this video, albeit not in detail, just in passing. Anyway, I urge everyone to watch this video…

Update: the video below is no longer view-able because the channel was taken down. Too close to the truth? I’ll leave it up here in case it comes back online at some point.

NASA Actors Celebrate Another Successful Hoax

NASA’s “Juno” mission supposedly sent a probe out into deep space with the intention of orbiting the “planet” Jupiter. Here is a photo of the Juno mission actors celebrating the success of their hoax…

NASA celbrates a successful hoax

What we call “Jupiter” is light in the firmament. Most people believe it is a solid spherical planet because of  propaganda from NASA and Hollywood. But with a discerning eye you begin to realize that the supposed photographs from NASA are CGI cartoons… just like Hollywood. So in that sense, NASA and Hollywood are closely tied together.

Look at all of the ridiculous fake images here on NASA’s “official” Juno mission website.

And watch this short video of these pathetic NASA actors pretending to celebrate their successful mission. Actually, I’m sure it was a success in terms of how many people they fooled. Oscar winners Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian must not have been available to write this dialog…

300 Proofs Earth is a Sphere (Flat Earth Debunked)

Folks, I am afraid that I will have to shut this website down because I have recently changed my mind in favor of a Sphere Earth. I recently watched an over 2 1/2-hour documentary entitled “300 Proofs Earth is a Sphere (Flat Earth debunked),” and I came away from it 100% convinced that we live on a spinning ball, and that Australians truly are walking upside-down relative to me here in the United States.

I want to thank Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking, and all of the true scientists that went before us who were not fooled by all of this “flat earth” propaganda. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would never have awakened from this psy-op that fooled me so thoroughly. I am truly sorry for having been a part of this misleading “flat earth resurgence.”

I encourage everyone to watch this 300 Proofs Earth is a Sphere documentary seen here below. I know that, if you watch this video and listen carefully to all 300 of these solid, observable proofs that substantiate a spherical Earth, you will also walk away a changed person. My sincere hope is that we will all wake up and realize that we truly do live on a sphere spinning at about 1,100 miles per hour at the equator… Best to you all. And good luck with all of your hopes and dreams!

Unfortunately this video was removed from YouTube (!) If it’s not obvious, my comments above were sarcastic, and the video that used to be up was an hour and a half of a blank screen with the sound of crickets.


Time-Lapse Video of Star Trails Circling Polaris (The North Star)

Use your own brain for a second… if the North Star (and all other stars) were distant suns, then it would be impossible for the North Star to never move — and for all of the other stars to forever follow perfect circular paths around the immovable North Star.

Even the person who made and posted this video below doesn’t understand that the phenomena shown in his video is only possible on a motionless Earth with a motionless North Star, with everything being within the Earth’s own system. Nikola Tesla said that the Earth is not a planet, and would more appropriately be called a “realm.”

The Horizon Rises to Eye-Level No Matter How High You Go

Watch this video which shows the evidence that the horizon rises to the viewer’s eye-level perspective regardless of height. Not only that, but the horizon is flat and at eye-level for all 360 degrees around the viewer. That could not happen on a ball earth. It’s that simple. There is no opinion in this video… just observable facts. I don’t see how anyone could refute this.