The Sun and the Moon are the Same Size

When we look at the Sun and the Moon with our own two eyes, they appear from our perspective to be almost exactly the same size.

We are told (falsely, mind you) that the Moon is 230,100 miles away from Earth, and that the Sun is 92.95 million miles away from the Earth.

We are also told that the Moon is 2,159 miles in diameter, and that the Sun is 865,373.7 miles in diameter.

Well, it must be the most amazing coincidence in the history of history that the Sun is 400 times farther way from the Earth than is the Moon, but also happens to be 400 times greater in size so that it only appears to us on Earth that they are the same size. Did you follow that?

So in other words, we are told by “science” and NASA that this big explosion called the “Big Bang” 1) sent these big rocks called the Earth and the Moon hurtling out into space and eventually ending up where they are now, and 2) sent this “star” we call the Sun hurtling into space until it finally ended up where it is now, and 3) these three random bodies ended up orbiting each other in some way, and 4) from our perspective on Earth the Sun is exactly 400 X greater in size than the Moon, but also coincidentally 400 X further way, making the Sun and the Moon only appear to be the same size. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?

So it couldn’t be that a Supreme Intelligence created both the Sun and the Moon to be perfect opposites, and created them both the same size, and put them in the Earth’s own firmament. No… that explanation is too simple, and must be wrong because it is what our own senses and experience report to us. And besides, if a Higher Intelligence created the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, then “science” couldn’t be our “god.”

Here’s a photo of a Total Solar Eclipse from a mainstream source ( See how your own eyes tell you that the Sun and the Moon are the same size? But we have been conditioned to disregard our own senses and believe a monstrous lie about the Earth we live on, as well as the true nature of the Sun and the Moon.



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